Are the G.B.members really good business people ?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower


    Why didn`t they keep publishing books for the faithful ,they could have even upped the price , and the faithful would have paid especially in prosperous country`s in the west.

    I think their offering the books for free to avoid paying taxes plan has backfired and really bit them in the ass big time.

    They(GB) are very small minded men full of Faithful and Discreet Slave bull shit, they are in denial big time over their not being Jehovah's F&DS and many failed end of the world predictions, not to mention massive coverups in all kinds of shady goings on, so they are bound to fuck up big time, because their brains don't work so good when the shit really hits the fan.

    Small/narrow minded old men that only can think of one step at a time, expect lots and lots of blunders.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The Governing Body have a very filled Shadow(Jungian) to which they project onto apostates, other religions, governments and so forth. Everything negative they cast upon others in their publication(for all to see) and is really an indication of how deep and dark their own collective shadow really is(these projections).

    So they will continue to make more and more bad business moves unless they confront their shadow(with help from a very good psychologist whom they in publication, despise). They have all these projections they have to withdraw and it would be very cathartic, not to say extremely painful.

    Then and only then once they bite the bullet and will they really know what to do with all this property.

  • LV101

    Don't know about their business acumen but they knew how to schmooze their way to the top - lots of incentives that were too good to be true always good carrot in sales companies. They succeeded/achieved their goal to a better class of losers/more comfortable lifestyle vs. taking the secular route outside of religious magic.

  • Diogenesister
    Don't know about their business acumen but they knew how to schmooze their way to the top -

    Antony Morris bullied and BOUGHT his way into Bethel with his family’s money.

    The fall guy I agree. 2008 served them badly...heavy investments after the crash led to many creditors knocking on the door. They’ve had to tighten their belts and just scraped through if you ask me. Going bankrupt would prove they did not have God’s backing so all hands scrambled on deck and started bailing out.

    time will tell if they’ve made it but Smiddy I’ve often wondered why they didn’t start selling books, unless they just couldn’t risk it.

  • LV101

    "bullied and BOUGHT" makes sense.

  • snare&racket

    Time is sort, I really belive that, 10 or 20 yrs max.

    Printing is a very, very expensive industry. It's an industry that can't survive on charity handouts. The watchtower has also shot itself in the foot, having spent 100 years claiming that it's financial stability was a sign of God's support. It also has shot itself in the other foot by declaring itself the provider of spiritual food in the form of literature.

    Financially and legally, the WT in the western world was forced to drop charges for literature to maintain charitable status (not for profit), They shot themselves in a third foot that was totally unnecessary....the foot didn't even exist,,,, instead of admitting that literature was now free for legal ressons they chose to be deceitful by stating the decision was new light, jesus said come take life's water FREE and so no more charges! I remember the letter being read out as do most JW's in the west. (Ironically in UK bethel we made literature for africa at night and they still had prices on i.e. they were still being sold in the 2000's to the poorest people on earth. An eye opening moment for me and likely illegal.)

    So what do they do? Reduce literature to bare minimum, staff cuts in all bethels, pile up global assets by selling off as much property as possible. They try to get all JW's to voluntarily promise a monthly financial amount. There is no means to police it and their recent financial begging is a clear indicator that JW's aren't paying. After 50 years of hammering careers, education, keeping your life simple....the spare cash isn't in the members pockets.

    This is the point we are at. They have a pile of cash now. They have cut back where they can now. They have sold what they could sell. They will have a good idea how long that pile of cash will last. Printing literature for 8 million followers every month, for not cheap.The problem is they have to keep making literature, its their prophetic reasoning for existing. They would love to turn the printers off and move everything online. But they know old school JW's will say... what about the poor? What about people with no internet? Not every JW has money for ipads/pc's/internet! Not even the obvious PR rebrand of the Watchtower Society to JW.ORG could convinve the average JW to drop printed literature. So they reduce print ss much as they can and to reduce literature handed out to householders by setting up witness carts.

    But.....they are still forced to keep printing and distributing globally in hundreds of languages...for free.

    Hence I think they have little time left. They either start eating through the pile they have and see how long it lasts... 20 years max? Or they take that pile of cash and invest it. This I truly belive they will do and likely are doing, it's the only way to be sure they have a chance of being around in 50 years. Those GB members living in bethel need more than 10-20 years security. It's where they live! It's all the have! This means that cash, if being invested, is not going into literature or 'spiritual food'. They figured a big spend on a studio where cheap to produce monthoy videos could make up some of the reduced printing, but they are under no illusion that it can replace the written text. Not to mention the huge cost to the brand of showing the GB on film regularly. Every video clip reveals their awkward humanity and questionable authority.

    A big pile is also now funneled to the legal department for child abuse lawyers and settlements i.e. brand protection. The figures being consumed in these cases are not insignificant.

    Between the internet/knowledge revolution and these finances, I truly believe time is short for WT, it's run by uneducated men with power and money they didn't earn but inherited through religious obedience. It's inevitably doomed.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    NewYork44M: Which reminds me of an old joke. How do you make a million dollars? Start with a billion.

    I can see this happening to the dumbbells in charge of the WTBTS!

  • pepperheart

    If the GB were good business people they would stop shunning so that people would leave and they could sell more kingdom halls off

  • dozy

    Whatever one says about Russell , Rutherford & Knorr , whether regarded as charlatans or frauds , they were all pretty good business people. The current crop frankly couldn't organise a p!5s up in a brewery - but they do have minions below them who at least seem to know what they are doing - reinventing the revenue model on a real estate land grab and refurbishment then flipping the property basis, Long term , its probably the only way the Society will survive , financially.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    To say they're incompetent is an understatement. Based on what we see on JW broadcasting,they don't exactly inspire confidence; more like a bunch of geriatrics bumping into the furniture when the lights go out.

    Keystone Kops, pushing Kingdom Hall construction three years ago only to abruptly reverse course by 180 degrees. When they fritter away their one-off windfall from the sales of their Brooklyn properties, watch out below!

    If they were trustees of any investment of mine, I'd be SELLING...

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