Are the G.B.members really good business people ?

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  • Finkelstein

    The WTS is a religious publishing house, the leaders of this organization were pressed to sustain and perhaps increase the organization's literature proliferation, so they created doctrines which would enhance that endeavor ( ie.1914, 1975), that makes them crooks, liars and deceivers.

    From that realization from a theological aspect one could say its Satan's guided devised organization, a commercialized false prophet

  • LV101

    Fink - PERFECT!

  • pepperheart

    Also the problem the watchtower have is that the rank and file know of all the huge cuts there have been (if you go on to the jws own website it tells you that in 2012 they closed 20 bethels around the world down) im sure that lots of jw s cant see the need to be giving much money.

  • sir82

    The GB business people?


    I don't think they have the combined brainpower to manage a lemonade stand.

    You have seen these guys on JW TV right? "Incompetent bumbling morons" fits better than "business people".

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I would say at this late stage of the game that this current GB are probably the most delusional and out of touch with reality. I see it as the longer they indulge in this fantasy of being God's earthly organization, the more delusional and the nuttier the GB should become right up until they go completely bankrupt. So expect the unexpected I think their insanity will shake even the most loyal JWs, we may even see a break up in the GB authority as members in high places do the best they can to bump these psychos out of control as GOD(guardians of doctrine).

    A no confidence vote by important members could also come about. Don't the GB have to answer to share holders of their corporation? Why not get a reforming of the whole management as money drain continues? If they don't get these guys off the steering wheel of God chariot they are headed for total oblivion and much suffering for all the higher ups and their comfortable lifestyle.

  • LV101

    sir82 - lololol. This page would work well on Vanderhoven's joke topic.

    BBW - do you really think they believe they're God's mouthpiece/earthly org? They like to fool the members they believe that nonsense. They know they're at the top of the sales echelon and will spout off anything while on stage doing show business. It'd be tough for any of them to go back to government apt living with the exception of tight pants glob body member that bought his free ride to the magic heavens.

    I love your financial future re/money drain. I can't determine whether you're right or wrong but sure hope you're a good financial prognosticator.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    BBW - do you really think they believe they're God's mouthpiece/earthly org? They like to fool the members they believe that nonsense.

    LV, I'm kind of feeling they really do. AM#3 really believes his own bullshit for sure! Rubber mouth Lett is also very self deluded and self righteous, perhaps Herd may have some reservations, the rest it is hard to say I'll guess 50% believe most of their own broadcasting and policies, with a modicum of doubt.

    They have to really believe about 90% to make it to being a GB, or else you'll never get chosen. I guess to be a GB member you would have to play very good politics to get that far ahead, so that the driving ambition drives one to gloss over glaring contradictions in ones belief so for that reason believe the majority have fooled themselves because of blind ambition to make it to the top of the hierarchical pyramid. Bad choice to run a business.

  • LV101

    Brokeback -- I can't imagine but I've read other posts with same opinions. Don't you think they learn to stage it and are sociopathic liars - lol re/"Rubber mouth" name. Did you ever hear of the book by Ray Franz called Commentary on James or something like that -- anyway, I recall an old time witness (and a tad out there) telling me (early 90s) that many JWs are involved because of business, family, etc., etc., and the book explained the 'on stage' acting of xtians. I should have tried to locate the book (this was long before e-bay) but seems I heard the cult shelved it. It may have had nothing to do with what I was told -- some JWs made up all kinds of crazy.

  • smiddy3

    (if you go on to the jws own website it tells you that in 2012 they closed 20 bethels around the world down)

    I know they went through or are even still going through a period of cut backs however I didn`t realize they closed down 20 Bethels in one year Is that correct ?

    All of the cutbacks and closures taking place are not the signs of an organization/religion doing well rather it is more like the writing is on the wall as in an imminent end.

    Maybe I should titled this post

    "Are The Current G.B. members good Business people" because obviously the first couple of generations did build up an impressive religious publishing and real estate empire that the current GB members seem hell bent on destroying .

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Why didn`t they keep publishing books for the faithful ,they could have even upped the price , and the faithful would have paid especially in prosperous country`s in the west.

    If the GB were good business people they would stop shunning so that people would leave and they could sell more kingdom halls off

    I'm sure that some current JW's would claim that these seemingly bad business moves on the part of the GB and their willingness to continue getting rid of members by DF-ing them is proof that they aren't in it for the money.

    A few years ago the GB were horrified by anything related to the internet and shuddered at the very idea of JW's having anything to do with it. Now they are enthusiastically embracing it via their own website and by providing internet service in the Bethel residences and offices. I have the feeling that their connections with the outside printing world led them to the conclusion that they needed get on board the cyberspace band wagon before it was too late. They realized that they could bring in just as much money with far less effort by providing "virtual" spiritual food rather than a physical product.

    I'm half expecting to hear one day that they'll convince the flock that loyalty to Jehovah and supporting his organization involves having a monthly subscription to their website just like they used to have for the magazines.

    They could provide "special" insights or topics for discussion each month that would be covered in the upcoming meetings and only those with subscriptions would be privy to it via the Kingdom Hall WiFi using their ipads. The really righteous families would be encouraged to have a subscription for each member of the family, just like they used to encourage us to do with the magazine subscriptions.

    A mere $1monthly subscription from each JW would bring them 8 million extra each month or $96 million per year without having to use a single drop of ink or sheet of paper. That might just about cover the law suit settlements that seem to be happening lately on a regular basis these days.


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