Serious Concerns About Asparagus

by JamesThomas 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mulan

    we grow asparagus too. Love it!!!!!!!!!

  • cruzanheart

    LMAO, Big Tex! (He can do this in his sleep too, folks.) I like asparagus and hadn't noticed any ill or smelly effects from it, but I may have to buy a batch and do a little scientific experimentation. Are you saying, JamesThomas, that it can cause physical problems other than smelly urine? You know, asparagus is a distant relative of the orchid family, just in case you're interested.

    Tastes great with mayonnaise or Hollandaise sauce. Yum.


  • SheilaM

    Aparagus: Hmm haven't grown it before do you have to let it go to seed the first year?, do marigolds keep the bugs off like with tomatoes and such???

    I love it with fresh lemon juice squirted on it

  • blondie

    We hunt the wild asparagus. Mmmmmmmmm.


  • shamus

    I believe that all persons whom write about asparagus and consume asparagus are doomed at armageddon. You are all evil. - WTBS 1984, vol. 22, pp. 4

  • Princess

    My husband's throat swells when he eats it so he doesn't eat it. I love it.

    Now, let's talk beets.

  • Ravyn

    I thought everybody had asparagus pee after they ate it.

    It is excellent for adjusting the PH of your bladder and is used for infections and cystitis.

    It tastes yummy, cooked and raw.

    has anyone ever noticed that Slim Fast Cappucino flavor in the cans do the same thing? My husband and I both have this reaction....drink it and 10 minutes later it is coming out your pores and everywhere else!

    The thing that always makes me worry is the neon-chartreuse your pee turns when you take certain multi-vitamins...if they are all coming out of you---how many of them stayed in? I read somewhere that most vitamins are made so hard to avoid crumbling in the bottles in shipment that they pass right thru you whole and never dissolve enough to give you any benefit anyway! Well some of them dissolve enough to give day-glo pee!

    Ravyn(who also has french ancestry)

  • cruzanheart

    My son Jackson made an astounding discovery, which he saw fit to pass on to a householder one day when we were out in service (it was a very hot day): If you eat a blue snow cone, your poop turns green.

    It does, too.


  • minimus

    I have serious concerns about salmon, cranberries, spinach, hot dogs, bagels, swordfish, chocolate, ice cream, flavored vodka and sweetbreads.

  • Farkel

    : Does this missing part effect us in other ways? Anyone hear of anything? Perhaps this is the reason my spelling is so atrocious. Or why I don't like to wear underwear. Or why people look at me weird. Is it all because I'm missing a critical thingy?

    Yes, asparagus has caused all the problems in your life.

    Now just take a nice nap and work on getting a real life.

    Awake! magazine fucked up my life but I got over itl Asparagus stuff should be a piece of cake compared to a veggie! (If you use warm butter with it, it tends to fight off the demons. Trust me on this. Demons HATE warm butter. It's a "demon" thing.)


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