Serious Concerns About Asparagus

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  • Francois

    My grandfather used to grow all the asparagus that was served in the fancy hotels in Savannah five or six decades ago. When I was a young sprout, I discovered the old, untended rows of the stuff (it comes up from root-like thingys and can take up to three years to start producing).

    Well, my grandfather and I rehabilitated the asparagus; three rows a hundred yards long. I wish we'd have left it alone. The asparagus that this morning was eight inches long and perfect for cutting, this afternoon is three feet tall, looks like a small tree and has berries all over it. Thus, in order to justify the hard work we put in on rehabilitating the stuff, we had to cut it three times a day to stay ahead of it.

    I like asparagus with scratch Hollandaise. Wunnerful stuff, that. But with 300 yards of plants, we had asparagus every way it can be prepared. And there just aren't that many ways. We had asparagus coming out of our ears. The entire house smelled like, well, you know. We had the chickens working overtime for eggs to make Hollandaise, we had it in omlettes, we had it steamed till it was still crunchy with Hollandaise (I can still hear my arteries clogging up). My grandmother came up with Squirrel Pilauf with Asparagus. And after we had exhausted our imaginations, we started giving it away to all takers. Three hundred yards of well cared for asparagus will produce a bushel of asparagus a day, NO problem.

    Remember Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice? Same thing, but with asparagus instead of brooms.


  • JamesThomas

    Thanks everyone for your input and recipes. It seems some here are stinky-pee-people (though many didn't say). This means we have a gene that makes an enzyme that breaks asparagus down to finer parts. But is that all???? So, here is what I'm getting at. Did our evolution, or God, however you want to look at it, make this gene in some of us just so our pee would stink? Probably not!!! Far more likely that it is a side effect of a much bigger and far reaching thing with major implications. Why hasn't science questioned and investigated deeper? Maybe it's a CIA thing. Maybe us SPP's are a secret experiment gone amuck; or maybe it was successful and the final outcome is yet to occur. Perhaps we'll grow another head or something.

  • metatron

    try taking a strong capsule of alpha-lipoic acid ( antioxidant). You may find it produces a similar odor.

    Asparagus is wicked. It just pops out of the ground in spring, phallic-style

    Obviously pagan.

    metatron ( I like it anyway)

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie

    For the record, I'm an asparagus lover from way back... I always figured the odiferous urine was just the price we pay for loving the stuff. My favorite ways to prepare it are oven roasted with fresh cracked black pepper & finished with a splash of balsamic vinegar, and grilled spears brushed with an emulsion of sesame oil and roasted garlic, then tossed with roasted red pepper strips and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

    The thing that always makes me worry is the neon-chartreuse your pee turns when you take certain multi-vitamins...if they are all coming out of you---how many of them stayed in? I read somewhere that most vitamins are made so hard to avoid crumbling in the bottles in shipment that they pass right thru you whole and never dissolve enough to give you any benefit anyway! Well some of them dissolve enough to give day-glo pee!

    This made me laugh... I have a friend (a pharmacist) who always says that people who buy and consume expensive vitamins usually end up with nothing to show for it except very expensive urine.

  • JamesThomas

    What's phallic about it?

  • xjw_b12
    You may have heard the tall tale that "asparagus urine" is linked to higher intelligence.

    Did I mention I eat a lot of asparagus ?

    I think I've read the same thing about fiddleheads !

    xjw_b12 of the " I don't make a practice of smelling my pee " class

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