What was your first public bible reading? And when?

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  • Mandrake
    YES!!! disarmed, I also had applauses, and some "aaaw" noises from the old ladies hahaha :) it was very nice then I remember !!
  • Athanasius

    I was 8 when I gave my first Bible reading. It was 1954 and talks 2 and 3 of the TMS in those days were Bible readings. They said it was to help familiarize us with the NWT Bible of which we had only two volumes at the time, the Greek Scriptures and the first volume of the Hebrew Scriptures Genesis-Ruth.

    In 1954 only brothers were enrolled in the school. So my devout JW mother pressured me to join the TMS because Billy, another member of our congregation, who was only 7 had already given several Bible readings.

    My first reading was a couple of chapters in Leviticus. I don't remember which ones, just that I was so nervous that me legs felt like they were full of pins and needles.

    Believe it or not, my next reading assignment was Judges 19 about the gang rape and murder of the Levite's concubine. Fortunately being only 8 years old I didn't really understand what I was reading. But as an adult and remembering that reading, I think it was improper that the TMS servant gave me that reading. But considering Watchtower history, one shouldn't be surprised.


    I was "coerced" into my 1st MS Talk about the age of 6..

    I had no idea what I was talking about..

    I parroted what I had been coached to say..

    Try quitting WBT$/JW Ministry School when your a JW kid..

    That`s never going to happen..


    ...........Image result for Jehovahs witness child giving talk

  • Dunedain

    Outlaw - LOL, I remember my hall had the EXACT same podium, in both the front/main hall, and the back room. It had those 2 circular wheels that you would turn to adjust the height, and the pitch of the board that holds the notes and bible, lol.

    Anyway, my first bible reading was back in the early 80,s. I was about 6 to 8 years old, I forget exactly. I do NOT remember what passage it was, which I guess is kind of weird. Like others here have said, it was actually a talk, with an introduction, then reading, and then I think a comment half way thru, and then a conclusion, after reading the rest of the verses.

    The introduction and conclusion, was the hard part. To me the reading part was easy, cause you could look down and read. Where it got nervous was the introduction, and conclusion, because you had to give "eye contact" to the audience, and they were hanging on your every word, lol.

    I also, remember the applause, since it was the first talk, and the "ooohs and aaahs", since I was a 7 year old, cute, little shit.

    I remember the 'G's", and "W's", and "I's", for good, work on this, and improved. It was all based on things like, "eye contact", "inflection", "tone and poise", and crap like that.

    For some reason, I was thought of as being a "good speaker", and was asked to give the bible reading at 8 years old, but at the assembly in front of like 4,000 people. I honestly didn't think I was anything special, but I was young, and cute, and read well for my age, and my daddy was an elder. SOOO, I now had to be a nervous, stomach cramped, scared to death, 8 year old speaking in front of thousands.

    I will never forget it, it was at the "famous" Stanley theatre in Jersey city, New Jersey. To those that do not know, the Stanley theater is like the, opulent, gaudy, flamboyant, showy display, "Vatican" of the JW cult. Its the same type of place that the JW's would condemn other religions for being to "showy", but did it themselves.


    For some reason, I was thought of as being a "good speaker", and was asked to give the bible reading at 8 years old, but at the assembly in front of like 4,000 people......Dunedain

    I was put on stage too at an assembly..

    My mom badgered me to show a scripture to my 1st grade teacher..

    It became apparent..

    My mom was never going to shut up,until she got what she wanted..

    That landed me on the assembly stage for "Experiences"..

    No one ever mentioned..

    My mom wouldn`t shut up,until I showed my teacher the scripture..


    Did You Show Her the Scripture?.........*What Will it Take*

    ............Well Did You?..Did You?!..........*To Shut That Woman Up?*

    .......................Image result for Mother nagging little boy

  • Mandrake

    I also presented an "experience"

    at an assembly, I was maybe 16 by the time (now 25)... Now I look behind it all and it's so weird...

    and about public readings, I just remembered the sound of the podium getting adjusted for my height... That sound is along in my memory with the anxiety of being seated in the front row just waiting for my name to be announced!

  • Mandrake
    What about girls having to make arrangements (it was that the jw-ish word in English?) with some sister for the assignment no. 3???
  • sparky1

    OUTLAW................I think we had the same mother. 

    ( My first Ministry School Bible reading was Isaiah 44:1-20 when I was 6 or 7 years old around 1961-62)

  • RubaDub

    I was 6 years old and stood on some sort of a box the brother had prepared so I could reach the microphone.

    Jer. 44 1:14

    I can still repeat most of it by heart since I probably practiced it for 3 months and 5 times a day.

    Rub a Dub

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