Another congregation bites the dust

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  • ToesUp

    Yes...people are leaving. The ole domino effect. Telling the rank and file not to look at the internet is like telling the Elders not to look a porn. lol

    Watchtower is squeezing "bums" in the seats so it doesn't seem apparent to the rank and file what is going on. A shell game WT has played for years. People are not stupid.

    The interesting thing is, we told two family members that we no longer attend. They didn't even ask why. I found this perplexing. My spouse said...."they already know why, they are seeing it in their own congregations. The lack of love, hypocrisy and judgement from the JW's is right in front of everyone's faces."

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    Week of 12/18 Watchtower study, pp 19, includes:

    "....We are part of a stable, secure, and everlasting organization....."

    Gosh, not looking that way folks.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    • NikL4 hours ago4 hours ago

      so--really all thats happened is 3 sets of meetings each week instead of 4. same number of bums on seats each week.

      Okay if you want to be Debbie Downer about it I guess

      The way I look at it is that there was ONCE enough publishers to support 4 congregations. Now there is not.

      They are leaving and I down see it improving for WT anytime soon.

    having established there was no real estate to be sold--i was just stating the bleedin obvious--a reality check

  • Wakanda
    so--really all thats happened is 3 sets of meetings each week instead of 4. same number of bums on seats each week.

    O.K. So here's my two cents. I was in a congregation that had about 30 irregular publishers a few years ago. The CO came around and said we were in a bit of a crisis. OH NO!!! ha ha.

    Well, next CO visit he said we were doing great! Ummm. What? We had about 5 more that had become irregular. In talking it up with others, they said that it was that the irregular became officially inactive. Nice. They care, don't they? But, this is how I want them to treat me instead of calling like they do, just ignore me! I digress.

    THEN, we merged with another congregation. Big numbers at first, but now there are another 30-40 irregulars. It is easier to fade in a bigger congregation, and moving congregations. This is the only merger I know of personally. It helped the already faded, and helped more to fade!

    They don't know their head from their butt. I think they saw people leaving after Breaux's talk (exjw reddit growing for example) and decided to play a repeat to try stem the flood, plus the seven dwarfs are lazy, old, too busy with vacations, and tired.

  • FedUpJW

    Didn't Jehovah say this is Didn't Jehovah say this is Ps. 68:11:Jehovah gives the command;The women proclaiming the good news are a large army...

    My observation locally is that the verse should be rendered, Ps. 68:11:Jehovah gives the command;The army proclaiming the good news are large women....

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