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  • snugglebunny
    Simon--can you stick another shilling in the meter ?

    What's your name - Bamber Gascoigne?

  • Heaven
  • pandorasbox1914

    Hi Simon,

    I am also suffering from this problem, I am a new poster, I have posted some new topics and some replies, but the post I am trying to do now is continually stuck. I have tried posting it a number of times all with the same outcome, I have even tried changing it but that makes no difference either.

    The first time I posted I wrote directly to the post form and of course it was lost, I have since written it on a word document so I at least have it saved. But it is becoming annoying, what am I doing wrong? How can I overcome this?

    P.S. This has posted with no problems, very strange.

  • slimboyfat
    It was better for a while, now a bit worse again, but not as bad as before.
  • konceptual99
    It's happening every time for me...
  • jhine

    Simon , SBF's posts need editing to say something silly ? ( just kidding SBF , honest )


  • talesin


    As a new poster, you have daily posting limit. Simon has it posted here somewhere. After a month (I think), your limit will go up.

    One reason for this, is to prevent spammers from joining. If they have a low limit of posts, they cannot effectively spam the board before being detected.

    Once you've reached your 24-hour posting limit, let's say it's 5. Post #6 will remain processing, until 24 hours after your first post. It should remain 'in processing', then voila, it appears, perhaps several pages later. So, the posts 'stack up'. Sometimes they get lost.

    My account was having this happen after we switched over to the new forum... yeah, frustrating. But Simon is tweaking, and it's good to let him know when having problems.

    Simon has written about this, so that's loosely how it works, my details are sketchy. xx tal

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yep--happenned when i replied to that survey thread--queued forever--

    so i went 'ome.

    now i see i posted twice.

  • talesin

    You might want to send Simon a message, if there is no reason for posts to be limited. Especially if you were here when the forum was 'switched over' (for lack of a better term). Some of the accounts aren't working properly, and that's a reason why you see older members with a new id (usually their old name with a number).

    hey, stan livedeath - again? that sucks.

  • Simon

    A couple of spots of code were hitting memory issues which caused tasks to be re-tried a few times. Sometimes it would cause a bit of a log jam for other tasks making everything slower than it should have been.

    I've made some changes which will hopefully fix it and should improve things. The new app I'm working on is already significantly faster and runs in far less memory so when that is rolled out the issue should go away completely.

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