Tonight, hope Kimberley ROCKS American Idol

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  • morrisamb

    I don't take it too girl just sang and she was a 'band of gold'..even if she's probably voted off tomorrow, she's going in style!

  • freedom96

    Yes, Mulan, Clive Davis is huge, and many that are lucky enough to get an album through him, usually make it.

    Kimberly is a good singer, but not as good as Ruben and Clay.

    I still pick Ruben to win, but Clay having a recording career.

  • Aztec

    Aaaaaah!!! I love Clay! ~Aztec

  • Gopher

    I agree with Simon -- all 3 contestants are doing very well. It's going to be a TOUGH choice. Ruben won me over with "Smile", but the others were fine too. Geez I wouldn't even know who to vote for now. They all stepped up and did quite well tonight.

  • Reborn2002

    I was rather impressed with Kimberly Locke's performance tonight.

    Not to sound like a typical cliche, but to make it this far, all three had to be exceptional.

    I had no idea that Clive Davis is responsible for producing Kelly Clarkson. That is definitely a plus for her. I am not surprised however, I figured the American Idol brand would have a heavyweight to chime in on their new pop star icon. After all, they would not waste such money marketing a product if they did not intend to make it tolerable music so consumers would purchase it and make it profitable. Thank you for informing me of that Mulan.

    Despite her best efforts, I still think Kimberly Locke will be voted off tomorrow, since it appears Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken have unwavering popularity among the voters.

  • Trotafox

    CLAY WAS FANTASTIC . His "Mack the Knife" and "Unchained Melody" were GREAT. What a performer. I truly hope he wins and has a wonderful singing and performing career.

    REUBEN sang well. I just can't stand how he turns every song into a ballad....even up-beat ones by "yodeling". He never steps out of his comfort level and, therefore, is not very versatile. I'd never buy his albums. They would all sound the same.

    KIMBERLY sounded nice. That was it. She has very little stage presence.

    Trot ("Simonette")

  • morrisamb

    My friend who lives out of town watched the show last night too..we'd call each other during commercials and compare notes...His fav is also Kimberley, he never cared for Reuben - he says he always sounds the same (I love Reuben) and with Clay, he used to be our fave and we agree he can sing but...

    we also think Kimberley has the widest voice range and this competition proves a producer could take her in a studio and come out with everything from a Burt Bacharach sound to Where The Boys are from the early 60's to My Heart Will Go On (which she aced a few weeks ago) to a Natilie Cole song, like last night.

    Even though Clay and Reuben have great voices, there is a sameness to all their performances.

    I also think all of our likes & dislikes on American Idol reflect our own personal choices in music. We can never agree because we have individual tastes. And thank god for that!

  • Mulan
    CLAY WAS FANTASTIC . His "Mack the Knife" and "Unchained Melody" were GREAT. What a performer. I truly hope he wins and has a wonderful singing and performing career.

    Yes.............agree! I voted for him last night, and it took until after 10PM, hitting "redial" every once in awhile, to get through. So looks like he did well.

    I thought Kimberly was pretty ordinary. Okay, but not great.

    Ruben's voice was kind of gurgly last night, like he had something in his throat. He can't help that though. I agree with the others that all his songs sound the same.

    Clay's don't. He is pretty versatile I think. His "Vincent" wasn't too good, but he said in the beginning it wasn't a song he would choose to sing. "Unchained Melody" was really, really good. He has an awesome range.

    I wish I could sing. They are all so talented.

  • Shakita

    I have to go to work half way through the show, so I never get to see the whole thing! I would like to see Kimberly and Clay in the finals. But, I have a feeling that with Reuben's apparent popularity, he will win out over Clay..........leaving Kimberly and Reuben to battle it out, with Reuben winning in the end. Ever since he was labeled the "velvet teddy bear" by Gladys Knight, I think he was destined to win. He better rest up his voice, though, he sounds like he is straining his vocal cords. But, the finals are not like last years, Kelly was a sure win with her voice, whereas these three seem to be on the same par, so it is anyone's guess.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • morrisamb

    Hi Mulan & Shakita

    You know I noticed Reuben was staining his voice too! It didn't look like a good night for him but we know he can sing.... I differ on Clay, but all 3 deserve to be in the finals..too bad there wasn't a wouldn't that be something!!! *

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