Tonight, hope Kimberley ROCKS American Idol

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  • morrisamb

    I know most of you American Idol watchers perfer Clay or Reuben...and they are both worthy winners...(last year I would have croaked if Kelly Clarkson DIDN'T win!)...but I'm sure you'll agree it will be more fun if all 3 give outstanding performances tonight and it's not a token night tomorrow!

  • Gopher

    On the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night (Katie Couric was the guest host), Simon Cowell was a guest. He said that in his estimation, Clay will win. But if he had his druthers, it would be Reuben.

    Last week his evaluation of Kimberley was "sweet and ordinary". She's going to have to give the performance of her life to move on to survive this week's competition. Both of the other performers have large followings and therefore large blocs of voters.

  • TresHappy

    Kimberly is great, I think she's more talented than Kelly Clarkson. I still say Ruben is going to win. I hope to see Clay on Broadway. What a commanding voice he has.

  • Mulan

    Nah...........Kimberly isn't consistent enough. Sometimes she is really good, and other times she is just ordinary, like Simon said. I agree she has improved a lot though. At first I didn't like her at all.

    Does anyone know who the guest judge is tonight? I heard Paul McCartney is considering being a guest judge. That would be neat. Last week, I knew days in advance that the guest was going to be Robin Gibb.

    I predict Clay will win it in the finals. I love his voice. Ruben is really great though. Hard choice.

  • morrisamb

    Reuben should win, Clay probably will, but Kimberley is in my heart!

    Mom heard Oprah might be a judge or there tonight!!!

  • Reborn2002
    last year I would have croaked if Kelly Clarkson DIDN'T win!)...

    Tamyra Gray anyone?

    As I said in another thread discussing American Idol, I believe the singer who comes in 2nd or 3rd will be more successful than the actual winner of the competition. Why do you ask? Because the person who wins is contractually bound to the American Idol brand for an undetermined period of time. It has been a year and Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini are still doing American Idol songs and movies. That said, unless you are a diehard American Idol fan, you do not go out and purchase American Idol products. Someone who becomes more diversified is able to reach a much wider consumer demographic. As an example, Tamyra Gray (who was the bona fide best singer last season, bar none) was unrightfully voted off prematurely last season and did not win (nor make the Top 3). How did she fare? She has a recurring role acting as a character on Boston Public on FOX, and has an album soon to be released which was produced by multitalented and award-winning Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds (whom I would prefer to produce my album over Simon Cowell anyday).

    The talent this season as a whole was immeasurably superior to last season. However I think if Reuben or Clay came in second place and decided to sign a contract with some major record label (Motown, Arista, etc.) and went that route instead of being always labeled "The 2003 American Idol winner!".. they would be better off in the long run.

    Nothing against Kimberly Locke, but she has no chance tonight against the two male contenders.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents for now.

  • sandy

    I totally agree with Reborn. Kimberly does not have a chance tonight. I t will be either Clay or Ruben and if not I will go to my grave saying that the show is a fraud.

    I should calm down.

    I think Kimberly sings really well but she isn't consistent. I do not care for her voice either. I like some of her renditions but I don't think they are anything to write home about.

    Kelly should have come in 2nd place last year. Tamara Grey was soooooooooo much better than her.

    I did not buy Kelly's record and I probably never will. But because Babyface is attached to Tamara's CD I will definitely buy that one.

  • Mulan
    It has been a year and Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini are still doing American Idol song

    Actually Kelly Clarkson's CD was produced by Clive Davis. He is pretty big.

    I agree with everything else Reborn said. I only watched the final of American Idol last season, so was first introduced to Tamyra Gray on Boston Public. She is awesome! She does a duet on Kelly's CD by the way.

  • happyout

    Reborn, you are singing my tune I almost stopped watching the show last year when Tamyra was voted off, and no talent Nicki stayed!! Where is Nicki now? Somewhere running a karaoke bar, I'm sure. Anyway, Ruben has the most charisma, and the most magnetism (if that's not being redundant and repeating myself), but I really think Clay will win. I hate to introduce race as a topic, but I don't think black people tend to vote the same way whites do (I mean, the calling in and stuff). Please don't rip me apart, I am fully aware that I could be way off base, it's just a thought I have had for a while with a number of "call in and vote" shows.

    Anyway, I love Ruben, and I heard Jimmy Jam said he wanted to work with him, so he should have a great future no matter what.


  • Brummie

    Morrisamb, I'm with you, I caught the show on Cable when the Gibb brother was on, Kimberely is the one I liked the best and should win. However, she will obviousely be third, Ruben 2nd and Clay 1st.

    happy, jimmy jam & terry Lewis are my favs, if he works with Ruben then his career is set.

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