Has Anyone Ever Outed You For Being “Apostate”?

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  • minimus

    A true love story Jeff!

  • Biahi

    JeffT, awesome!

  • blondie

    I have not been either on here or by jws I knew. My husband stopped attending a few weeks after I did, sharing the same viewpoint. I have not discussed my thoughts with relatives or jws I have known. My motto is: No pearls before swine. We haven't attending for over 17 years but we are not hard to find. They may have put it on hold until we decide to attend again. Fat chance of that.

  • minimus

    They would crap 💩 themselves Blondie

  • jookbeard

    most definitely,summoned to a JC on a charge of "apostasy"lied and begged , crocodile tears etc, begged for repentance etc, was found guilty on the first kangaroo court, appealed and won, more lies and crocodile tears etc, cant have been many JC's like mine! I was gone a few months later, couldn't bear any more of their BS, plus I was marked, the witch hunt was quite intense, testimonies were gathered from my wife(LOL) and close friends who I'd spilt the beans to, the moron elders loved gathering the evidence against me, it was something out of LA Law! they weren't happy times, my marriage was over, my folks were heartbroken, and I hit rock bottom, it was a difficult time, to put it mildly, there wasn't a happy ending and it wasn't all plain sailing, how I came out of it all sane I still wonder to this day.

  • steve2

    JeffT, what an amazing revelation! About to be outed but not.

  • oppostate

    Yep! There is no loyalty to a friend of 30+ years, only to the 0rg and the filthy lucre loving GB 8's.

  • Dagney

    Yes. The wife of a member on here didn't like him going to meetups or going to lunch with me, which I do understand. So instead of going to him or me discuss, she went to a "sister K" we all knew and told her I was an apostate and met regularly with apostates.

    A mutual friend had just newly left the JW, and was trying to sort her journey with a husband who was still in, was asked to meet the "sister K" at a restaurant for a drink. The "sister K" just unloaded on her the whole APOSTATE thing about me. She defended me the best she could. But it created a lot of difficulties that could have been avoided. The wife's intent was clear, but she was too weak to follow Bible counsel...so it goes.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    My wife threatened to, but never has.

  • stuckinarut2


    I was outed by a young JW sister that was working for us.

    She went through the computer during work time and found that I has left open a tab for this site...and then secretly reported us the Elders....it was shit-fight...long story!

    But, now that the dust has settled several years on, I am actually appreciative that it happened! Now we are free, and happy!

    It was the thing that I needed to push me out of a state of being "stuckinarut" to fully out!

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