Has Anyone Ever Outed You For Being “Apostate”?

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  • minimus

    Either here on this site or by a congregation member??

  • Solzhenitsyn

    My wife used my computer after I had forgot to log out of this site some time ago. She went straight to my inbox and in shock and tears printed off all private messages sent and received. Then figured out how to locate all my posts which she also printed out. She gave the stack to a "friend" for safekeeping until she could figure out who to give them to to "help me". All this happened a few weeks after I stepped aside.

    I became the enemy. So many of the forum conversations centered around how to calmly fade my family out. She felt handled and betrayed, especially sick that I would "leave Jehovah in my heart".

    Fast forward a few weeks and my wifes friend "did the right thing" and handed over the stack of apostate forum postings to the COBE (who took my place) after I had stepped aside. He informed the BOE, and the usual 2 were sent to investigate.

    I was not ready to burn the village down at that time so thoroughly enjoyed the interrogation. So funny, me and the other two elders who had recently served on a child abuse JC sitting in the same places around the same table. Back during the JC I openly voiced my disgust at the 2 witness rule which prevented us from protecting the abused and df'ing the perp, and was snubbed a bit at that time for my open frustration.

    Well here we all sit again, but this time with a stack of "apostate" material, I couldn't resist...they opened with the charge that I was involved with apostasy and 'here is the stack of proof.' I could hardly contain my joy....."Brothers, all you have is an accusation and a stack of ink on paper, nothing more, and nothing that name me or anyone else to anything apostate. I confess to nothing. And unless you have 2 witnesses this meeting is over and to speak of it further as if apostasy was a fact would be slander. Do you gentlemen have any other questions? No? OK well, you didn't open with prayer so Ill assume we wont close with one either." I stood up, verified there was nothing else to discuss, they were beside themselves, and I w/family changed congregations out of the circuit and region.

    The above was a highlight of my JW career.

    There is much more info I'm leaving out on the family situation, fade, ect....but fast forward to today and my whole family is out. The best marriage and family life ever we are enjoying every day.

    The one who outed me - followed me out! I know this does not always happen and I am grateful each day that we were able to leave and heal together as a family.


  • Earthmeasured

    I ve been accused to be apostate because I believe the Earth is flat

  • Earthmeasured

    Elders should be neutral on scientific scientific matter

  • minimus

    Solz... great story!!!

    Elders are unprepared for anyone on their level to challenge them. Haha they set themselves up!

  • JinVA

    Solzhenitsyn- What an incredible story and congrats on getting the family out, as well!

    Being out is truly #BestLifeEver !!

  • Earthmeasured

    Yes in fact they didn t want to listen absolutely nothing. They simply removed me and now i cannt even make a prayer. They treated me like the church made with Galileo Galilei

  • minimus

    One thing I feel about this site, Simon keeps confidentiality. It’s a safe zone, at least through him.

  • scruffmcbuff

    I havent been outed as an apostate. Im very open about it!

  • JeffT

    Sort of.

    In the spring of 1988 (long before the internet) I started reading Crisis of Conscience, hiding the book under my side of the bed, with some stuff I knew my wife wouldn't move on top of it. One Sunday morning my after deciding "I didn't feel well" and staying home from meeting. My wife decided the kids were coming down with something and didn't go either. She was doing a lot of cleaning, and I'm drinking coffee and reading the paper when she comes down the hall with CoC in her hand and a funny look on her face. Just as I'm thinking that this is where it all hits the fan, she grins and says "this is MY copy."

    She'd found mine, and assumed I'd located hers and she was going to be on the receving end of the argument. Then she found her copy where she stashed it on her side of the bed. We didn't know it until that moment, but we were both Apostates!

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