Has Anyone Ever Outed You For Being “Apostate”?

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  • Crazyguy

    The moment I mean the very moment I said something like maybe the Borg is wrong on this matter my wife was on the phone to and elder.

  • wannaexit

    We have been accused of having "apostate" leanings, but nothing more.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I was an elduh that sat in on a JC for a socalled apostate....he was an active member here at one time.

    The "evidence" against him did not come from this forum as far as I recall. It was emails between him and another dub. She turned him in. He could not have been identified, but he wanted the showdown.

    It WAS entertaining. I left not long after. The full story is on the forum somewhere.


  • ToesUp

    I was asked the "apostate question." You know the one, "do you believe the GB is Jah's earthly organization?" Something along that line. What was my "sin?" Not going to the meetings anymore. No love, no encouragement and zero concern. Just yes or no. That's all they want, the yes or no answer. The answer they got was NOTHING! I don't owe them anything, not even a yes or no. Ever since, life has gotten much much better. Without this cult in our lives, life is actually worth living and I'm saving lots of money without the booze I needed while still in.

  • nicolaou

    Jeff what a story! I bet the two of you laughed like drains..

  • dozy

    I faded successfully and had always been very discreet about my concerns and views.

    A year or so after I stopped attending , an old elder "friend" in a neighbouring congregation wrote me a letter asking why I had left and the tone of his letter suggested that he also that he had some doubts himself so I foolishly took the bait & wrote him a thank you letter sketching essentially my concerns ( including things like 607 / generation flip flops / outright lies misquotes etc ) but stressing that as an elder to keep matters confidential. I tried to be circumspect in the letter so didn't explicitly condemn or incriminate myself , thankfully , but perhaps in hindsight I was a bit too open , trusting the guy.

    Incredibly the elder promptly blabbed to his wife who then spoke to half the sisters in my congregation at the next assembly and she even phoned my wife ( who was still attending at that time ) and he phoned my local elders and gave them a copy of my letter. Frankly I would have been just as well putting the letter up on the Kingdom Hall notice board or telling the biggest gossip in the congregation ( plenty of candidates available for that role. ) .

    You can guess what happened next - the "knock on the door" from a couple of elders one evening , copy of letter in hand. I had a lot of "damage limitation" work - at one point it looked bad for me but I stressed to them that this was a confidential letter between two people who had known each other for 30 years and the guy had abused my trust. Possibly the lack of two witnesses saved me as the elders didn't initiate DF action. I was really angry about his lack of discretion and wrote to him again saying how disappointed I was with him - he never bothered to respond. Asshole.

    Lesson learned - NEVER , EVER discuss with anyone and NEVER , EVER put anything in print.

  • Confusedandangry

    Yes my own husband. To my parents.

    It didn't work though. It was His word against mine.

  • Bobcat

    Hi ToesUp,

    What was their reaction to not answering their yes-or-no question? Just curious.

  • nateboussad
    We are similar in our experiences in God with one exception I was the prodigal son... I had no abuse and was my sin that I left for! I came also to the same conclusion from full experience with sins, even to the perversions of some sins... I know the death that they lead into and that there is NO LIFE in them! Thus The Truth of God 'IS' established from His Word that says that such 'IS' so... it is why this is written

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