Your favorite Dub Family Quotes

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  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Reborn. I'm so sorry you had to hear such mean, hateful, UNGODLIKE things like that from your own family.

  • cruzanheart


    Quotes from MY mother:

    "My child [that was me, folks] might as well be born dead if it isn't going to be a Witness when it grows up." Or substance. How to make a kid feel really, really loved.

    "Spirit of a sound mind" (what did that mean????).

    'You must pray to JeHOOOOvah about that." (Translation: God's going to agree with me but you can go through the formalities of asking him, then do it my way.)

    "Righteous indignation" (her anger, which was always perfectly justified).


  • caligirl

    My mother in a card to my father: " It will be hard to be in the new system without our kids, but at least we will have each other still." And my father's response when I told him that was hurtful :" I told your mother never to write anything down that she didn't want anyone else to see"

    Then there is the:

    "Jehovah blessed our family vacation because it didn't rain." ( This said by the sister of a missionary regarding the long camping weekend at the ocean during one of her brother's visit's home- as if it rained on everyone elses camper but theirs!)

    And the one that always managed to raise my blood pressure : " Jehovah willing... (insert what you want here)...i.e. I'll get that apartment, I'll meet the perfect someone, my car won't break down, it won't rain for service when the CO is here, etc.)

    Bleecch to all of it.

  • Mary

    "Quick! Put your pants back on, my husband's home!"

    "What happened to that 60 ouncer of rye I bought yesterday?"

    "Oh Christ, why can't we have a snowstorm so I don't have to give this damn talk!"

    "Why can't you be as thin as Sister Slutty?"

    "Why can't you get a job like Brother Materialistic?"

    "Don't tell anyone else but.............."

    "Guess who's getting disfellowshipped?!"

    "I HATE the meetings!" (ususally from a 5 year old)

    "She ALWAYS has to be better than everyone else!"

    "My husband's never changed from when we first started dating."

    "My wife certainly has changed from when we were dating."

    "I can't work. I have fibromyalgi/arthritis/chronic fatigue syndrome"

  • Litebriterstill

    I was told, " You are a spiritual babe," by young and older ones out in service and in front of my kids. This was not loving or upbuilding Especially when I had an opinion or dissagreed on some point over a year after baptism.

  • Austrian

    An elder to me after buying a 4X4: Is that a proper field service car? And how will an older sister get in?

    My Dad to me at age 14: Son just think you might not get to drive? (I'm 31 now)

    An Elder to his son who was a friend of mine: You can't buy the skateboard because you could get hurt and not be able to aux. pioneer this summer

    My Dad to me at age 14: Son our spiritual armor needs adjustment, so we are teaching you at home

    Every year after the DC I would hear this: From now on we will wake up every morning 15 minutes earlier to do the text (This always lasted about 2 weeks)

  • Reborn2002

    A few posts after mine brought back some other memories also.

    When I was young, my grandfather actually bragged about telling my sister (12 years my senior) that when she was a child (about age 3) she would never make it to high school. She is now age 35.

    Then when my brother was born (in 1973) he prophesied in line with WT teachings that he would never make it past being a toddler. He is age 30 with 2 children of his own.

    When I was born he said that I would never see grade school. I graduated from college 3 years ago.

    Dubs love false prophecying don't they?

  • integ

    Mom: - The worst person in the truth is BETTER than the Best person in the world.

    - (in regards to the un scandal) ...SO WHAT?

  • undercover


    Wow. Your family sure are some hardliners aren't they. So you're at least a third generation JW(oops, was). And your nephew is fourth generation. You'd think more people in these 4 and 5 generation witness families would sit back and say, "hmmm, 4 generations. And grandpa was told not to have kids before Armageddon. Something's wrong here."

  • BluesBrother

    A couple of general ones from typical dubs

    "What would Jesus have done in this circumstance?"

    "Pioneering - a career with a real future!"

    And personal ones to me

    "What am I going to tell your Mother when she comes back in the ressurection and you're not there?"

    "So what! they were all going to die sometime anyway." (Spoken of the potential millions of victims of Armageddon)

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