A film about Jonah

by Sergey Antonov 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • eyeuse2badub

    Would you rather spend 3 days in the "belly of a big fish" or 3 days in "the belly of the earth", or 3 days at at a regional convention of jw's?

    just saying!?

  • Rattigan350

    The problem with it is that Jonah said "In 40 days Jehovah will overthrow this city." When 40 days passed, nothing happened. So the assumption is that God pardoned them. Any bloke can come along and say that. There is nothing to back his statement.

  • Vidiot
    molybdenum - "...I probably would agree if it was not for Jesus himself referring to the account... so this must give some credence to the story..."
    waton - "...To the contrary, it totally discredits 'Jesus' for having endorsed such an account..."

    I think both of you (and a lot of folks, actually - believers and critics) are forgetting that Jesus taught almost exclusively using parables.

    How many cultures, past and present, are known for viewing parables as literal fact?

    (The same could be said for Jesus' reference to the Eden narrative in Genesis, IMO.)

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