Nice Guys Vs. Jerks.

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  • Realist

    bittersweet, you are not available by any chance?

  • asleif_dufansdottir
    Ask any man(if he's being honest) he will tell you that he wants a beautiful women

    What, and you think most women wouldn't rather have the guy they like be handsome? Of course people would, given the choice, rather have their significant other be very physically attractive. The problem is when they wholesale reject anyone who does not meet their idea of physical attraction, only to complain when those who do meet it don't want them.

    We're also ignoring the chemical/hormonal/pheromone componant of attraction here...sometimes smell is lots more important than looks.

    Attraction is a funny thing. As far as physical characteristics, there are very definitely specific things I find attractive. I love long dark hair, and I very rarely find blonde men "hot"...even movie stars and other famous good-looking blondes - I can see they are handsome in sort of a clinical way, but they don't give me that hormonal surge that a good looking guy with long dark hair does.

    Anyway...I know that eye candy does not a relationship make. I can always enjoy looking But to me, and most other women I know (who have half a brain and common sense), there are lots more important things than looks. We know we'll be a lot happier with Cyrano than we would be with Christian. Especially if we've been around long enough to have known guys who thought being good looking and favoring us with their attentions was all they ever had to do for us!

    There's also a cultural component. Lots of women are raised to believe that when a guy is jealous and abusive it means he "really" loves her. That's hard to deprogram.

  • Aztec

    "Be careful what you ask for may get it." Thanks Obiwan! Can I get it for Christmas? :) ~Azzy

  • obiwan

    I'll even wrap it with a bow.

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