What an Anointed sister Said to me…

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  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    I cannot say how I got this info. But this “anointed” sister was talking with my “friend” and me over the phone.

    My “friend” informed me that she was an “anointed” sister and she was thrilled that she was calling us.

    My “Friend” told me this “Anointed” sister and her husband spent their lives working at bethel and that is how they met. When they got married they had to reapply to Bethel, but when they reapplied Bethel told them they were too old (her husband is 92 I have no clue how old she is) so they lost their positions in bethel and are now special pioneers.

    Anyhow this “Anointed” sister and her hubbie go to all these international conventions and things at Bethel. So when she called she was so excited to relate to us the experience she had at Patterson.

    She told us that the faithful and discreet slave decided they needed to do something for the young people and older people at Bethel and that everybody was aloud to invite a friend or two to come.

    They threw a large (the “Anointed” sister described it as a) “Broadway Production” With all sorts of brothers and sisters performing their talents (who some of them had been masters at them) that they had given up to work at bethel.

    Each person preformed for the crowed and then told about Bethel experiences and why they gave up their talents to work there.

    The one experience I remember the most that stuck with me that she talked about was this elderly gentleman who (I guess bethel thought he was getting to old) lost his position at bethel.

    It effected this poor man so much that he and his wife cried every single night after he lost his position at Bethel and he became depressed and he was afraid he was going to have a heart attack and die. But “he stuck with Jehovah” and was appointed with a new task at Bethel (hmmm sounds fishy isn’t he too old???). I guess during the intermission people were so happy they all sung a kingdom song.

    Then there was this puppet show done with clay puppets projected on a screen so they looked life size. The play was about a group of young people out on service, they knocked on almost every door on the street but nobody was home no body answered a single door.

    Then they came upon a dog caught in a fence or something like that and they went to the door of the house and knocked and knocked until somebody answered but the lady just slammed the door in their faces before they could even tell her anything so they just left and kept on going.

    Then they met this girl and she asked them what was the purpose of life? Which they left her some “bible based literature”.

    The play ended with a fire truck running down the street and all the people coming out of their homes to see what was happening so everybody was at home they just didn’t want to hear the “Truth” of Jah’s word.

    Then this sister said how they had the Hawaiian sisters come out and danced.

    She didn’t say what kind of dance but I assume it was the “pagan” hula because she described their hand movements. Well the whole thing made me all shaky and sickish feeling.

    Just thought I'd tell you guys because maybe some of you heard about this thing too?

    I guess they are going to be having these shows twice a year 3 shows a night.

    Let me know if you guys know anything more?

    ~Cassandra Cain~

    Oh my "friend" Dose not know yet that I have Decided not to be a Jehovah's Wittness.

  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    P.S. This anointed sister who spent most of her life in Bethel was not invited by Bethel to this show but was invited by some “Friends” (who still work at bethel) who decided they were going to go. (the anointed sister said her self it was a blessing she got to go because if her friends had not gone she most likely would not have gotten to go at all). Isn't that terrible???

    ~Cassandra Cain~

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy Cassandra.

    I haven't heard anything about a show like this. Did the sister say when this show occurred? I'm going to assume it was recently. What was the purpose of the show?

    I'm sorry you ended feeling sick. I get like that sometimes when I'm face to face with that level of hypocrisy or if I sense someone is trying to manipulate me.

    I don't mean to pry but why was this sister calling on you?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Gopher

    I believe this is called "Family night", where at the Bethel headquarters, they have a talent show. It gives the workers there something different to look forward to. This family night happens periodically, I don't remember if it's once a month or less often than that.

  • Ravyn

    I know in the past there have been some 'talent shows' at Bethel. I have even seen the homemade videos of some of them. but I would not put them up there with Broadway or anything. That part sounds a little sentimental to me...like maybe the older sister was giving the performers more credit than they deserved...

    out of some of those 'talent shows' have come some pretty wild renditions of re-worked Christmas songs and even raps...."I'm Dreaming of a White Sister..." and a Coolio-wannabe version of Gansta's Paradise are some of the last ones I remember....


  • Cassandra Cain
  • Cassandra Cain
  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    Big Tex ^_^
    She did not say when it occurred but I am assuming it is recent. She said they showed it 3 nights in a row. The purpose of the show was to encourage the younger people at bethel and I guess some of the older ones. Just for the heck of it for fun I'm gathering. She said the day she went there were over 18 hundred people.
    Why was she calling on me? Because my mother is dissedfellowshiped and everybody else is trying to be very manipulative it was even implied to me that if we didn't start attending meetings aging my little brother and sister might die. (not like a death threat but since I am almost an adult I can grasp the Troof but my little brother and sister are too young and they might not make it through God's judgment that they would die with my mother). And every body has been trying to control me and my sibling's lives and it feels like they are trying to pull us away from our mother sometime. And I was with an older friend and this sister was calling her and ended up talking to both of us.
    P.S. She may have had this certain sister call just because she knew I was going to be there that day. ƒ¼

    Thank you for the info Gopher and Ravyn ^_^ I was a little confused about her story. It


  • hippikon

    I know of a show very similar Its called "The Adams Family"

    They're creepy and they're spooky .........................

  • herk

    "Family Day" is also held at the larger branch offices around the world, usually twice a year or more. Sometimes it's held on a day when the branch is dedicating a new building or celebrating an anniversary, for example, 5 or 10 years or so after they've been located at a certain property. When you're a JW, being invited to such events is a high honour. A real treat is being invited to the room of a high-ranking Bethelite before the meal for a glass of wine and some appetizers. The dining room tables are set with special cloths, and at the seating place of each guest is a fancy paper napkin with his or her name on it. The food is usually served banquet style. It's often some of the best food you ever ate in your life, prepared by JWs living outside Bethel who are of a certain ethnic background. For example, it could be Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian or French cuisine. Softly played beautiful music comes from the sound system while everybody is eating. Between courses, there may be a performance of an ethnic song, instrumental playing or even a humourous skit. I have to say it is a delightful occasion. It gives the impression that you're already in "the new system of things." Now that I'm no longer a Bethelite or JW, I've noticed that many large businesses provide similar functions. Similar to them, the Bethel and Branch events are designed to promote and keep alive the "company spirit" of the members.

    Much of the day is spent roaming the Society's property. Placards are placed in various places and there are exhibits to show what goes on each Bethel department. If the Society's farm is located at or near the Branch Office property, there may be demonstrations of how the animals are cared for. There might also be demonstrations of machinery. If the Society uses large trucks or semis, these will be all shined up, and Bethelites and visitors can take their turns sitting at the wheel for a few minutes, without the engine running, of course.

    "Family Night" performances are talent shows, and they're usually a lot of fun. They are well-rehearsed and sometimes come close to professional quality. They give the impression that they're designed to show that "Jehovah's people" are greatly talented and have made big sacrifices in order to "serve God full-time." The program is varied with musical performances on stage, group singing by the audience, humourous skits featuring JW activity of some kind, etc. All of this is organized by a Family Day Committee that is selected from among prominent Bethelites and appointed on a rotation basis by the Governing Body's Personnel Committee or, in the case of countries outside the U.S., by the Branch Committee.

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