What an Anointed sister Said to me…

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  • sf

    Ah yes, and see if you can spot the PEDOPHILE @Bethel Headquarters in above photos too.

    See 'them'? I know I do!


  • undercover
    'All social gatherings should be supervised by the elders.' The elders were even expected to examine carefully each and every song that was to be played at such gatherings.

    I got in trouble at more than one "gathering" where I was the "DJ". If an elder didn't jump me then it was some self-righteous, over-bearing, holier-than-thou pioneer sister that would get her bloomers in a knot. Then there would be the stuffed shirt, no sense of humor people that would sit right next to the amp and complain to the elders about the music being too loud. And then there was the dancing! O my! The scandals! I used to enjoy doing the music at parties and weddings but looking back on it, I realize how hard a job it was. Always the feeling of impending doom because I didn't check the lyrics close enough and might "offend" someone. The elders always faking being friendly so they could go through all the CDs/albums that I brought to see what "debasing" music I might have. The older ones complaining because there wasn't enough mixture of different kinds of music. And these complaints never happened to my face. It was always behind my back and I would hear about it days after the party.

  • SheilaM

    {{{{{{{{[Cassandra Cain}}}}}}} THEY suck is all I can say. They are such hypocrites. They tried to make my wedding a living nightmare (elders 0Sheila 100) ROFLMAO I just ignored them, that is why I was glad we had it in a community center. Took their control from them.

    Yes, I agree that how they treated your friend sucks that is how they are.

  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{SheilaM}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} I agree with u 100%.

    "(elders 0Sheila 100)"

    lol I'm glad they didn't spoil your wedding ^_~ thx for posting. ~Cassandra~

  • sf
  • outnfree

    Skally -

    To me, those pages you've linked to (and embedded) are NOT Australian JW Bethel pics/pages/events. Since when has a JW Bethel been concerned about poverty stricken youth having a nice vacation?

    Cassandra -

    I, too, was more upset about how the anointed sister and brother were treated than about the Family Day. Although my mid-western congregation also was told to curtail the parties and not hold "congregation" picnics sometime in the mid-90's. It was a pity, because we used to have some really good times and it was something the kids actually looked forward to. If I lived where amac lives, it might have been a few more years before I finally left the Borg. (Does that mean I should thank the hierarchy for its hypocritical stance? - LOL)


  • freedom96

    Isn't this bringing undue attention to oneself??

  • Cassandra Cain
    Cassandra Cain

    I guess the moral is to be nice to othersDate and party how we want!!! lolHeadbang!

    Thx for posting Community; what deviantART is all about!


  • herk
  • shamus

    Isn't painting ones face pagan?

    How dare they!

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