Cart Witnesses vs Faith Healing Church

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  • pale.emperor

    Today in Liverpool the cart Witnesses were in their usual speck in Bold Street holding out their wafer thin rags and books that they literally can't even give away. But today the city centre was flooded with some sort of black church handing out their leaflets and little invitations to a "special event" this Sunday. I took a leaflet off them as they handed it to me and they were very smiley and cheerful. They wished me a lovely weekend and said "Jesus loves you, you must be born again". Well that spoilt it for me.

    Jesus loves me... but unless I sign up as his slave he'll burn me for all eternity. Sounds like a great father figure doesn't he?

    The tract turned out to be an invitation to a faith healing drive. With testimonials by people who'd been "cured" of high blood pressure, a sore back or a migraine. I noticed there were no testimonies by amputees or burn victims.

    Anyway. They gave special attention to the JWs. A black woman whom I assume is a pastor of some sort due to the purple scarf cloth thing around her neck and down her front approached the cart and (tried) to debate scripture with them. The JWs kept referring her to their website. One brother came over from another cart at the other side of the road with his bible. The woman was asking if he's born again. I didn't hear his answer but the other 3 JWs started packing up the carts and one brought over a reasoning book for the brother.

    I tried to get a bit closer to hear. The woman said "do you imitate Christ?" The brother said yes and pointed out his ministry. The woman asked if she can share a scripture with him. He said no!

    Then he walked off to the others packing up their carts. The woman followed and asked if she can share something Jesus said? He ignored her and handed her a JW.borg business card.

    The Witnesses left. Now, I know they didn't leave because their time was up because they're there every Saturday until at least 3pm and this happened at 11:20.

    Ever known a student of the bible or imitator of Christ to reject someone actually wanting to talk about Jesus and the bible? No, me neither.

    This is the sort of situation I'd pray for when I was a JW. I loved debating scripture because I genuinely believed and (thought) I knew my stuff.

  • Phoebe

    I don't think JWs today know much about the bible at all, so they can't debate. It's just refer everyone to

    I also used to love it when someone wanted to actually discuss the scriptures.

    Great video on YouTube by the way.

  • HappyDad

    Going back to my borg days, I always dreaded having a bible knowing "Christian" answer the door. When they would talk their talk, I knew deep inside that they were right. My thinking was "why can't we talk about Jesus the way they do?" I guess I was developing doubts about the "truth" even before I knew I had doubts.

  • eyeuse2badub
    I also used to love it when someone wanted to actually discuss the scriptures.

    I used to also like to "discuss" the scriptures with others and at least get their view point on what the bible says. Then one fine day, for some unknown reason after having a very civil and rational discussion with a guy who really knew the bible well, I realized that jw's don't really 'know' what the bible actually says, we only 'know' what the Watchtower says about what the bible says! That day there was a dramatic shift in my jw thinking. Too bad it took me 15 years to get out after that!

    just saying!

  • Phoebe

    Absolutely true eyeuse2badub

    I was guilty of the same but I thought I knew what I was talking about and loved it when people wanted to talk. Now I realize I was just spouting what WT wanted me to say. I now have to reexamine everything as I only left last May so my brain is still in WT mode somewhat.

    Now I keep having flashbacks of conversations of people saying things like: WT cherry picked scriptures to suit them or you can get the bible to say anything. There was me staunchly defending WT! Now those old conversations are starting to make sense.

  • shepherdless

    Sounds tragic on many levels. Or perhaps comedic. Not sure which.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Pale, I don't know your experience with fundys who heal etc. but mine was to retreat and move on. We have a great many Pentecostals here and they were very physical. At one door a man grabbed a witness teen and laid hands on him, praying loudly. I went to the lad's rescue and got the guy to let go but it took effort. I was ready to hit him very hard if he didn't let go and stop praying over him. His mother was screaming for help. Generally these healer types can get the "Spirit" any time and then they are off. Though I don't like that witnesses won't talk about the Bible with people any more, I don't fault them for picking their battles.

  • Crazyguy

    Yeah these new JWs are useless. Like you I would allow myself to get into a debates believing my truth was the real truth. These new JWs have one message listen to us and our ideas don’t talk back or question , if you do we will run away. Lol.

    I just live their new life saving work. “ go to JW.borg” “now run brothers!”

  • sparrowdown

    Yes, I was glad for every opportunity to talk to anybody that wanted to talk out in FS even so-called opposers from other religions. I know that I was different and most sisters I worked with did not share my enthusiasm at all. They would pull on my arm and try to wrap up the conversation, their body language would get all stiff and defensive.

    I could never understand this closed off attitude of many of my fellow witness "comrades" but seems they're all like it now. And it seems the WT never actually wanted witnesses like me that liked talking with people rather than at people.

  • Diogenesister

    Sorry Happy Dad I accidently pressed dislike, I meant like. I also knew deep down we didn't imitate Christ. The lack of charity always bugged me. I always gave to secular charities - I was very conflicted about the whole thing.

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