Is zeal beginning to vanish?

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  • sir82

    I believe trying really to convince themselves.


  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Great comments, way better than you would hear at the hall...I think what keeps me sane is coming to this site. I was on a few years ago, but just stopped, not for any particular reason, just did...but kept reading & that's what keeps me sane in the org. Knowing that others feel as I do, & on this site, you can say how you feel with out the JW police looking down your throat. I would love others to know about this site, but as you know...can't because, you will be looked at cross-eyed. Sometimes I wonder if anyone from my congregation is on here. The zeal of the congregation is not going away. Avon, Fullerbrush man, all those door to door business has taken it to another level. Why do they still have field service ? To keep us busy, while they take our money & give it to the child abuse victims...& that's a good thing...but why hide it...I know why $$$$...I go out in service & we are happy because we are with each other. I think most of us know, ain't nobody interested in us. That is another thing that bothers JW's. They are not persecuted like they would like to be. No one cares about JW's. They are cleaning up a lot of stuff...because they are on the internet now...They want to attract folks so they have to look more friendlier than they really are. If anyone reads:, find out we shun, no holidays, no blood, & countless other things that won't attract anyone. I'm hoping the younger generation, will make a change in the org. & I see it now...especially with their comments...they are very different than the older ones..What I really hope from the Org. is for them to mind their business, preach the word, stay out of folk's bedrooms & their lives...we are all accountable for ourselves...As many have said on this site...They control with fear...Again, I believe the Bible even though at times, I say, Why did Jehovah kill all them folks...but the part of the bible that talks about caring for our fellow that's what interest me...Who cares about that other stuff, Daniels dream, Solomon had a lot of wives...stuff like that....At the end of the day, it's how we treat one another. We could all ask ourselves, if we saw someone in need, what would we do ? Take away all the JW stuff, what would you do.


  • just fine
    just fine

    I would say the zeal is definitely diminished. I can see it in my parents. They used to be die hard - never miss a meeting or field service. Now they miss all the time and when they vacation they don't bother with the meetings.

    they also don't want any JWs to know what their financial situation is,

  • Caupon
    Tor, you say really relatable and truthful things. To be honest, I never cared about most of the bible's jazz. Like I think the only part that even matters is what Jesus said on the mountain. All that prophecy crap is why religion is bad and is a reason why the organization exists in the first place. You mentioned the difference between young and old in the congregation, and I believe that will become destructively drastic for the organization throughout the next 5-10 years. Man I hope you stay on here. You make sense, man.
  • wallsofjericho

    I have been completely inactive for almost 5 years

    I miss 60% of meetings or more easily each month, and no one bothers me about it. I have never experienced this in my life. My memories of "spiritually weak" times in my life were a very real and tangible shunning from families in the cong. Sure they would be freindly at the Hall but I would never get invited out to anything social.

    Now i am very active socially and nobody... ever, questions me about my "service" or why I am not an MS.

    I have numerous friends in their 40's none of which are MS's or elders. This was unheard when/where I grew up. I remember even as a child having this conditioning present, that is if a brother was in his 40's or older and wasn't serving I would assume they were weak. they must be of course otherwise why wouldn't they be?

    I definitely feel like people don't care that much anymore

  • TheListener
    wallsofjericho, I totally agree with what you're saying about brothers in their 40s (30s even) who aren't serving in the congregation. I have relatives who fit that description exactly. In the old days (when I was in) they would have been viewed as weak one needing special encouragement but now no one seems to bat an eye. At least that's what I hear from my family I still have contact with.
  • ToesUp


    You are right, no one really cares. It's a social club. There are certain groups that hang out together. If you have something to give to others, you're all good. Throw a gathering, with ones who love to drink and eat and you're a shoe in with most in the hall. Then there are a few that get jealous and have to open there big mouths and ruin it for everyone. We had that happen to us and eventually had enough of throwing gatherings. We had enough of everything JW and chose a better and happier life for our family. Cheers!

  • thedepressedsoul

    Service in the US is dead, besides the few nut jobs that accept a study for someone to talk to. Only to stop the study when it comes time to be dunked.

    A good experience anymore is someone taking the magazines or saying "they need god".

    In the US service just keeps the R&F busy and talking to one another. I can't tell you how many times I've been out and we do a few calls, break, one more call and head back the hall. People calls are never home, they just take the magazine and that's it.

    I know a few people with zeal and they stand out among the rest.

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