Is zeal beginning to vanish?

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  • Caupon

    It has to be starting to fade somehow. The very last time I went out in field service, hardly any were out. Maybe just about nine people were out and man if you could just see their faces. Everyone looked exhausted and hardly said hello. Like the only person who really greeted anyone was the conductor. Everyone had the body language of someone who feels like going door to door is a serious chore.

    This amazed me because usually all the witnesses are so superficial about everything. The majority of them would basically be fanatics about anything related to the organization but last week was different. They did not seem happy to be out but just annoyed in some ways. Don't know about you guys but maybe things are starting to steer clear for a lot of witnesses with everything as a whole.

    Of course, there are a lot of JWs that still have that super brainwashed attitude. But I don't think I have ever seen witnesses like this especially when supposedly teaching people about God and everlasting life should be a happy thing. Truly an eye opener.

  • cofty
    Interesting. Somebody was saying a few days ago that the gulf between the hyper-JWs and the apathetic is growing with fewer in the middle ground.
  • steve2

    Your observation is similar to that often reported on this forum.

    The frequency, intensity and duration of Witnesses' participation in field service has dropped significantly as the decades have worn on.

    We hardly see them out in our area - and when we do, the numbers are down and they are almost to a last one, older adults truging door-to-door.

    In contrast, I come from a JW era in which many, many young ones participated in feild service and it took some organizaing to ensure we all covered the territory in an orderly manner (householders who were visited more than twice on the same day was not a good look, amnong other problems back in the 1970s).

    There is a definite downward trend in field service and you just have to look at the Witnesses huddling around the literature carts to see firsthand how disconnected they are from their immediate environment.

  • nicolaou
    I suppose the Xmas season makes it worse as well, always did for me anyway.
  • OneEyedJoe

    I don't know if it's the congregation I've been in for the last several years but I've definitely noticed that there's been a big change in zeal compared to my childhood. Of course its always been a chore and you'd hear people talking about needing to "get their time" but in the last few years the meaning has changed from getting 10 hours to getting any time at all.

    Though in your case it sounds like you're trying to discern a pattern from one event, which is probably not a great plan. I do think that there's a general lack of zeal washing over the R/F these days, but I'm guessing the service day that you describe may just be a random fluke or perhaps people are tired from that end-of-the-year push that often happens at work or because the days are shorter or whatever.

  • Finkelstein

    The on street literature carts and their use is supportive that the Zeal has faded proportionally.

    JWs rather sit or stand along these then actually going door to door and personally contacting people.

    The person who came up with this idea must have been a pioneer who wanted an easier way to book their hours.

    In the last few years, the only time I have seen JWS out in service has been with literature carts.

  • Caupon

    Doubt it's a fluke oneyedJoe. This has happened gradually in my congregation but now it is really starting to show how people feel in their hearts. Like about two months ago, that's where the attitudes of people were starting to shift but it was not apparent until just last week when I seen their faces.

    You could be right though. But for the past year and maybe a few months a lot of people have this strange attitude unlike what they are known to have in the hall, ministry, and even during assemblies. And what I saw the past week was a bunch of people with a smug body language with nothing to say like they usually have and also so sense of unity. But then again maybe they were really tired because they force themselves to do it every single week and even if you are happy about something, if you do it too much you will get tired.

    But I really do not know except what I seen. This is the first time any of them acted in this manner. I mean even if they were tired they would still be joyful but all I saw was fake smiles.

  • nicolaou

    The carts along with increased reliance on website and video presentations must be killing the ability to actually preach.

    Apathy was always a problem for many but the opportunities to hide behind a book trolley or an iPad just never existed so we learned our presentations and at least made an effort to speak to people.

    Well, some did but I reckon even that minority is disappearing fast . .

  • freddo
    Also those with any zeal - the piousneers and the like - have all sodded off to the cart bystanding work where their hours rack up for little effort. Not for them plodding from door to door with the weirdos and old-fashioned.
  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Been reading for a long time....wondering should I say anything or even reply. I'm a witness, a newbie as they would say. I know the truth about the truth....& found out...nobody has the truth but the bible. I could have posted on other topic but this one stood out to the ? is zeal beginning to vanish....sure it is...don't think the friends don't know what is going on, they know about the ARC, they know that Michael ain't Jesus, they know everything, why do you think that if you look at witnesses, they look sad. They know every thing...if you go to the hall, it's a feeling, it's like there is an elephant in the room but nobody wants to talk about it....but they are suffering from suppression, not depression. I go out in service to the same doors all the time, no one is interested, no matter how we spice up our presentation...The org. thinks its our presentation, so they change this & that, but nobody is interested...Oh every now & again, someone takes a tract or magazine...whoopee...So to wrap it up...there isn't anymore zeal, because folks are tired of hearing the end is soon...& when they know it, another day has come & we are still here. How long can they still hear this & feel can you feel positive if you know you're going to die any minute now...The congregation knows about every little thing that is on this forum...but scared to talk about it..."Freedom of speech" not in the hall...obviously..


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