Is zeal beginning to vanish?

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  • Crazyguy

    Tor, welcome and I disagree, most jws know nothing. The reasons they have lost zeal is it's the same old message with out any urgency like before the generation teaching changed. It doesn't help that so many old ones, old pioneers and old zealous ones are dying. The religion is dying all religion is dying. Even major events like tsunamis don't get the rank and file excited anymore.

    But their still delsusion for it's always Jehovah this and Jehovah did that and pray to Jehovah and thank him some human helped us, mostly the sisters going on about Jehovah

  • Caupon

    Hello tor1500. Nice to meet you. What you said is truth. In addition to non-witnesses not having any interest, the believers seem to be starting to have a lukewarm attitude toward most of the beliefs and the organization in general. I think one reason for this is because of the twisted and changing doctrines every year, and the direction the Borg is going.

    People are starting to really get suspicious with the changes that are going on. The youngsters become uninterested by the time they are in their teens and the older individuals are frustrated with the changing beliefs. And apparently they sometimes like the older doctrine better and get up. They try to laugh it off but it's becoming noticeable.Like what you said about them not knowing what is going on is right because they don't because of all the changes. Similar to what you said, a silent controversy has taken most Jws over.

  • prologos
    I can not imagine what it would be like to trying to talk to people about a hope that requires the end of the world to personally live forever, an end of the world that will come after the passing of an overlapping generation that might not come after 2075 after all. A house to house canvassing that has as a goal to start truly mind-stifling "bible study" indoctrination sessions, which goals it is to bring new recruits to training, indoctrination meetings with spiritual highlights, where the spiritual, worship highlights are the singing of truly ugly new melodies.-- The witnesses and householders have a common problem, they can not help but hate it. . So, who is the common enemy in this?
  • tim3l0rd
    I can't speak for the zeal in service first hand as I haven't been in 2 months now. Woot! I can say that one of the last meetings I went to they said their congregation had between 30% and 40% of their publishers in the 1 - 5 hour range for the last year. If that doesn't say apathy, I don't know what does.
  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm not sure the lack of zeal is any worse than the recent past. But I think it is more open and evident.

    In the past 10 years (when we were very active) there were very few JWs who could be called "zealous". Nearly all were just going through the motions. Field Service was a joke. L-O-N-G breaks. Lots of windshielding -- driving from one end of the territory to another chasing RVs that were not at home (and they weren't home yesterday either). When we were first awakening, we would go "as our family" and make one call, go to breakfast, make another call and head home. I think we thought we were bluffing the kids (all of whom were "out" before we were).

    Now however, there is less "hiding" it. The pubs who watch over the carts/trollys are boring and apathetic. It is SO obvious that they are just "counting time". Everyone takes an hour-long break and no one cares (because they all do it too). Of course, that changes when the CO comes to visit. LOL

    Old JWs still hope the end comes before they die, but younger JWs are planning for their futures in "this system". They show no evidence that they believe that "The End" is anywhere close. They may "talk the talk" around other JWs, but by their lifestyle none of them "walk the walk".

    Building new homes. Having children. Saving for retirement. Destination vacations. Living the good life. None of that has anything to do with having a "zeal" for saving lives during this "Time of the End" -- the last minutes of the Last Days.


  • antes8080
    Is hard to give the same old message. Most people just want to do the witness carts that way you can talk to your partner.
  • dbq407
    Our hall has always had pretty low numbers on saturday morning and pretty much no one going out on Sundays. They even try to boost attendance by having a "special" saturday every month. That has proved fruitless as well.
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    You got it, all of you. Zeal is a thing of the past, left to a few old sisters that don't know any better.
  • sir82

    It's odd that they haven't had any sort of "special" campaign since August 2014. That usually bumps up the numbers & enthusiasm for a few weeks.

    They still do the Memorial & regional convention "special campaigns" of course, but even that is greeted with a yawn now too. Both campaigns have been going on for years and there is no discernible effect. JWs see that it is just meaningless busywork that prompts virtually no outsiders to attend and naturally any "zeal" wanes.

  • slimboyfat
    They are so busy worrying about the money situation they probably plain forgotten to start any "special" or even "historic" tract campaigns.

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