JW's are S.O.B's

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  • vivalavida

    And the Washington Post also agrees with you as well...

  • _Morpheus
    im not even the sort who says “america is always right” but theres no place else id rather live.... i have no problem at all standing for the anthem.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    US citizens should stand proudly for their national anthem.

    The national anthem is nothing to do with that orange buffoon, Trump. It was sung with gusto before he was born and will be sung with gusto long after he's gone.

    When I was still in, I visited NY and saw a baseball game at Yankee Stadium.

    To my embarrassment, I laughed during the national anthem. I treated it as a complete joke.

    I wish now that I hadn't.

    The USA is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

    (If you don't believe me, just take a look around at some other countries.)

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I was thinking about this Sunday. So many years of going to the bathroom just prior to the national anthem or making sure I didn't get to my seat for it. I always felt it a bit disrespectful to not stand but honestly thought I was doing the right thing. Now, of course, I remove my cap and stand as does my son. I am usually moved when hearing it and think of what a great place I have the privilege to live.

    I don't necessarily see the players taking a knee as being disrespectful. I think that if they turned their backs, that would be disrespectful. I have a bigger issue with the President getting involved as no law is being violated. And certainly calling individual private citizens SOBs for taking part in a peaceful protest is way over the line. We really have much bigger worries than whether a handful of professional athletes participate in a patriotic ceremony or if a basketball player comes to a photo op at the White House. To me, these are trivial distractions which is probably why the media loves them. How about we have a national discussion on what to do with North Korea or fix any of the real problems we as a society have to face?

  • carla

    As bad as it was for you when you were jw's not standing it was awful for me as a ubm standing next to my sitting jw during the anthem. One time there was a Korean Vet next to us, I felt terrible and tried to distance myself from my jw as if I wasn't with the guy! At the time the only other person sitting in the entire crowd was a person in a wheelchair.

    I wonder how jw's view it now? With so many people sitting (or kneeing) does it water down their own 'protest' of not standing? They aren't as 'special' anymore?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I've been to lots of sporting events with JWs. Basically, the strategy is to time your arrival at the seat so that you are standing in the hall outside. Whether you get to the seat and go to the bathroom, go to concessions or whatever just make sure you aren't there when they get ready to do it. I've actually seen the color guard on the side and quickly excused myself so that I'm on the steps when they come out. The rule is that if you are already standing, then you can stay standing but you should NOT take the action of rising for the anthem. Believe me, it's an odd JW that wants to call attention to themselves in this way. Maybe the old school ones, but the ones I grew up with would do anything not to make a scene. Born-ins learn to fit in even if we don't.

  • AverageJoe1


    The USA is one of the best countries in the world to live in.

    Really? No National health Service, a President who's a joke, a nation who puts their right to own guns over the lives of countless children and adults getting killed in gun crimes, infamous racist police force, tax crimes treated worse than crimes against humanity, just to name a few.

    I can think of plenty of other countries that I'd much rather live in, Scotland for example and it has a cracking national anthem that doubles as a pub folk song as well!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Really? - yes, really.

    The US certainly has its faults (e.g. no national health service) but it has plenty of good things to which other societies should aspire. I'm thinking about freedom of speech, lifestyle and religion.

    American citizens have a great amount of freedoms that most foreigners can only dream about.

    Namely, freedom of and from religion, freedom to openly pursue a relationship with the person of your choice (regardless of gender - esp. gays), freedom to drive cars, marry whomever you want, have your own career (esp. women) ...

    I can think of plenty of other countries that I'd much rather live in, Scotland for example - then try and migrate to Scotland.

    I'm quite sick of listening to whinging bastards like you, TBH.

    Remember: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Fuck off to Scotland.

    I don't think you've thought this through, have you AverageJoe1 ...

  • truth_b_known

    No national/universal healthcare? Socialist medical care is substandard at best, but the real reason the United States cannot afford it is because we spend that money on military spending. The same military spending that protects all the European countries that don't spend their tax dollars on their military because, hey, the good ol' US of A will come to our rescue and do all our fighting for us.

    Rights to bear arms and defend one's self and those who are unable to defend themselves? You mean the universal natural right to defend your life? After all, if only the military (citizen soldiers) and the police (citizen public servants) have access to firearms it will 100% assure that citizens will never be harmed by a firearm...with the exception to places like Nazi Germany, North Korea, Communist Cuba, etc.

    Infamously racist police force? You mean the reason the players of the Notorious Felon League are protesting during the national anthem? You didn't know? The reason this they are protesting is because the are pushing the infamously false narrative that police officers in the United States are killing unarmed black men in the streets "just because". The "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" narrative that was found to be the biggest lie perpetuated in the United States during and proceeding its inception. Don't ever let facts supersede feelings!

    You see, the protest is pushing for social justice change. We are all just victims and no one is responsible for their own actions. That's why these NFL players don't want criminals sitting in jail awaiting their trial. They certainly don't want criminals who just flat out won't be held accountable having forced used against them by the police when they resist arrest.

    Here's the biggest issue of all (not that any of this really matters) - Why would we want out national anthem played at the beginning of a sporting event? Imagine if you were sitting in a movie theater waiting for the movie to start and, when it does, being asked to stand for the singing of the national anthem. This practice should be reserved for events that actually having meaning and deserve the pomp and circumstance that deserve it.

    So, here is a solution - Stop. Just stop treating something that deserves honor being done at events that do not. Then lets move forward.

    The last great thing our species accomplished was done on July 20th, 1969. 48 years ago! 48 years ago a man walked on the moon.

    No matter how many statutes we take down or how many knees we take on the field where men get paid millions to play a children's game, none of it matters more than moving ahead as a species.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    @truthbknown: "Here's the biggest issue of all (not that any of this really matters) - Why would we want out national anthem played at the beginning of a sporting event?"

    I am with you on that. I have a theory: inculcating patriotism is no different from indoctrination in a cult. Hence the repetitions as much as possible, even in events (football games) where Americans beat...yes, beat other Americans, not the enemy. And quite commonly the players thank God for the victory. We are surrounded by cults.

    Instead of so much emotional indoctrination through pledges and anthems, we should do a better job at teaching U.S. history and World history. That will give plenty more reasons to want to be an American. I just sang the U.S. National Anthem in the ceremony of my naturalization as a U.S. citizen. The Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance played no role in my desire to be a U.S. citizen; my knowing U.S. history and having lived in the U.S. for many years did.

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