What Do You Think Of Fining People For Not Wearing A Mask?

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  • WTWizard

    It will not stop until we all get coronavirus shots, which may be nothing more than salt water doctored with a few chemicals to make us sick. We will need RFID chips to verify that we had these shots, or no being able to do anything at all. We are all going to have our thoughts directly altered, just as with the greys, through these chips. And 5G will make sure we all comply--that is not about more Internet speed.

    Flatten the curve? As I see it, the more we flatten that curve, the longer it is going to last. Do you want this to last 50 years or more? If so, go ahead and flatten this curve all you want. And while you are at it, enjoy the increase of allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases that come with no exposure to germs. True, no one enjoys getting sick with a cold or with coronavirus. But, for most of us, that is better than getting something like type 1 diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, and any of the million autoimmune diseases out there. The more your immune system does its job, the less chance of this happening.

    Not to mention, everyone that is not exposed to coronavirus now is a potential case in the future. Every time you try relaxing the restrictions, a few of these get exposed, possibly for the first time, to the full dose instead of perhaps getting a series of low dose exposures that create resistance or immunity. This is not fun if it is your grandmother. Yes, the elderly and those with co-existing conditions need to be protected. But most of us get more harm than good from cutting ourselves off from this totally, and we are eventually going to be exposed. A series of tiny exposures means more resistance than one big one.

    As for treatments, these pieces of rubbish that delegitimize treatments that work need to go. The whole FDA has done more harm than good. The first course should be to make sure you get enough vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D. Quercetin supplements work along with the zinc and vitamin C, and there are quite a few herbs that need to be supplied. Echinacea and oregano oil are two that I have on standby should I catch coronavirus, and I already take elderberry syrup and schisandra powder. (And I have the quercetin on order.) This course will do a lot more good than those ugly face masks and "social(??)" distancing. The zinc and quercetin alone could make what would have been a 2-3 week illness into a 3-5 day illness followed by a 10-14 day vacation. And I have plenty of video games to play during that time.

    And what is this about chloroquine being banned, Cuomo? That has been used for malaria for decades, is relatively safe (though fish tank cleaner has too much and in the wrong form, which is enough to kill). This, along with zinc, has been shown to reduce the time it takes for coronavirus to run its course. Yet, they have banned it? They also make up stories about heart disease--the drug has been used for decades to prevent malaria without much risk, idiots? That would be a better line of defense than that serum which may carry AIDS and other blood-borne diseases plus have compatibility issues, short shelf life, and shortages. Chloroquine, and its natural counterpart quercetin, combined with zinc, would be better.

    They should have bundled the mask requirements with a requirement that the FDA shut up about people using natural supplements and cheap and relatively safe drugs. If they want mandatory face masks and "social(??)" distancing, they also should have mandatory zinc supplements, quercetin, elderberry syrup or extract, schisandra powder, echinacea, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and other herbs and nutrients that assist the immune system. Perhaps that way, people would be able to safely and effectively receive tiny exposures to coronavirus, with effects similar to a vaccine minus the chemicals.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Prager has it right: "Safe" means "Never".

  • Queequeg

    Rivergang, my South Korea comment was sarcasm. While I was sick a friend in London asked me if I was going to be tested and I said, "Where the hell do you think I live? South Korea?"

  • RubaDub

    when the powers-that-be were telling people a month earlier that masks did nothing, shouldn't be worn and shouldn't be purchased ... fuck them and their stupid laws ....They have no right to make such rules or to take people's money in such an economically uncertain time.

    Simon ....

    C'mon man.

    I don't understand when you say, and I quote, " They have no right to make such rules" ... YES THEY DO.

    People choose to live in a place, vote (possibly) and put a government into place. Every year, millions of people move to other countries. I could have moved to Canada or Brazil many years ago in my job, but chose to stay here in the US. I weighed all the options and stayed here.

    Do I like everything, absolutely not. But if I choose to live in this country, I can't really say that they don't have the right to make decisions. It is a choice people make. If people don't like choices, then a move to North Korea or other totalitarian regimes may be an option. If people don't like where they live, then I say "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." People should find somewhere better. I personally think about someday retiring in Costa Rica. Seems like a very nice place for us. I don't know.

    But saying the government doesn't have the right to do what it wants to do when people vote to have representatives in authority to make these decisions makes no sense to me.

    You ask for it, you got it. Vote, don't vote, whatever. There are many countries that would welcome our USD/CND money.

    Rub a Dub (ver 2.1 beta)

  • Simon
    It will not stop until we all get coronavirus shots

    There is no guarantee that will happen. Number of coronavirus vaccines to-date: 0

    I don't understand when you say, and I quote, " They have no right to make such rules" ... YES THEY DO.
    People choose to live in a place, vote (possibly) and put a government into place. Every year, millions of people move to other countries.

    That's an idiotic notion - are people really meant to emigrate if unfair rules are imposed on them? I know the liberal left always bleat that they are going to move to Canada or wherever if an election doesn't go their way but they never do and most normal people don't have the resources to do so anyway and have other ties.

    A democracy means you can call a rule stupid. A bill-of-rights means there are certain things that the government shouldn't be able to do.

    If the government says black people shouldn't be able to go into certain buildings, is that "it" as far as the decision making goes? Of course not, we object to stupid laws that are unfair and don't have clear benefit.

    If there were clear evidence of risk and the government supplied masks, it would be different. But they have no right to impose sanctions on people based on dubious evidence and certainly not after they contrived a situation where people might have been able to purchase masks but now can't, because of their (the governments) own ineptitude and mis-management.

    This is all because they are afraid of having deaths blamed on them. As I said, they are holding the world hostage to avoid any risk to their own political careers.

    It's all an excuse for authoritarianism and should be challenged.

    There are no overwhelmed health-care systems to justify such over-reactions.

  • Queequeg

    Minimus, I'm glad you don't take yourself too seriously and have a sense of humor. Glad I gave you a chuckle too.

  • RubaDub

    That's an idiotic notion - are people really meant to emigrate if unfair rules are imposed on them?

    In a pure democracy, yes. The majority rule, they dictate what the rules are. Who decides what is unfair?

    Rub a Dub (ver. 2.1 beta)

  • minimus

    Quee...I enjoy a good ribbing.

    Just because a state or a governor decrees something it doesn’t make it necessarily right. If a governor says it’s ok to abort a baby that was just born, just because the duly elected governor said it’s ok, it doesn’t mean it’s ok. It’s ok to challenge something or someone in a democracy.

    In this case, I think it’s unfair that if I go outside of my front door I MUST have a mask. If I go down the driveway to pick up my mail, and I’m outside I must wear a mask! Yet, if I live in a neighboring state , I don’t have the same regulation.

  • LongHairGal


    If they want people to wear a mask just to go outside to the mailbox 🙄 and there are no other people around, I have to assume the virus is in the environment like pollen.

    Why else would a mask be needed for something like this? I don’t put my mask on until I am in a store parking lot getting ready to go in.

  • minimus

    Starting today it’s masks on or a fine. I’m going this morning to play tennis with three other guys and no one will wear a mask.

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