I saw a JW Elder at X-Men 2 Movie this weekend!!

by WingCommander 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • l3gi0n

    i saw some too when i went two elders, and two MS.. And some of there kids.. , Good for them,

  • Curious Mind
    Curious Mind

    I recently asked an elder who is my wifes stepdad to tape x-men on tv for me and he refused to do it at his house but said he would come over to mine and do it here,it's demonized apparently but its allright at my house just not his.Tried to explain the premis of the x-men but was'nt going to get any where and thought stuff it.


    So . . . is anyone going to tell me what the x-2 men was really like.

    Was it good or exciting or thrilling or just a dud ?

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