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  • Billzfan23

    This is an example of a story that just strikes me as funny from their publications:

    "Wilson, a Christian from Ghana, was notified that in a few days, he would be fired from his job. On his final day at work, he was assigned to wash the private car of the managing director of the company. When Wilson found a sum of money in the car, his superior told him that God had sent the money because Wilson was about to be laid off that day. However, applying Bible principles on honesty, Wilson gave the money back to the director. Surprised and impressed, the director not only offered Wilson permanent employment immediately but also promoted him to be a senior member of the company staff.—Ephesians 4:28."

    So wait? Wilson, "found" a sum of money in a car that he was supposed to wash? If there was money in the car (especially the car of a managing director of a company) - why wouldn't you just ignore it? (if you wanted to be honest?). He went from being laid off (and washing the cars of executives) to being a "senior member of the company staff" - just for being honest while washing his car? Really?

    Looking back, it was always this kind of ridiculous drivel, these stupid "experiences" that made me question if someone on the writing department would just make things up to provide fluff to the Witchtowers.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Only JW's are the only honest folks in the whole wide world....LOL

  • Diogenesister

    I know right?you dont "find" money in someones car - thats like "finding" someones money in their own house...why in heck would you take it anywhere? You just dont steal it is all! would be pretty damned obvious who took it so its hardly being honest not to take it.

    I expect he was promoted from car washer to financial director.

  • Dunedain

    Isnt it weird that the story says, "Wilson, a Christian from Ghana"???

    Why doesnt it say, "Wilson, a Jehovahs Witness from Ghana", or "Wilson, a fellow Brother from Ghana". Its almost like they "borrowed" the story from somewhere else, idk.

    I also agree, that "finding" someone elses money, in their own car, and with a "supervisor" knowing as well, and then "giving" it back to them, is not the pinnacle of honesty, lol. Someone knew he found it, and if his boss went to get his own money, from his own car, and it wasnt there, guess what, Wilson took it, duh.

    Wait, maybe this was the Wilson from the Tom Hanks, Castaway movie, and we are talking about a volleyball.

  • pixel

    Wilson is Andre’s brother.

  • scruffmcbuff

    The guys at the car wash find money in my car all the time. They put it in my cup holder.

    As far as im aware... not Jay Dubs and not promoted.

  • HoodwinkedToo

    That experience sounds like a scene from the Godfather films. The Boss has a new car and is not aware that there is a large sum of money stashed in it, hence he thinks the money was sent by God.

    One wonders, whose car was it before the boss somehow appropriated it and why exactly did it need cleaning before the boss started using it...

    Also what kind of organization is able to promote a worker (foot soldier) washing cars to senior member of staff (Capo) simply because "Wilson, you're the only one around here I can trust!"

  • pale.emperor

    It's a good thing Stephen Lett wasn't there, he would have put it in the contribution box!

  • hoser

    There must be a problem with dishonesty in the JW organization or they wouldn’t have made up this “experience”

  • blondie

    I used to bring out this point in my comments every time the WTS used an unverifiable "experience" to illustrate their point. Even at the conventions/assemblies I could not track down the source. Then when my husband became an elder they had him give his "experience" starting a bible study using a tract with a man at the door. By the time he gave it at the assembly, it no longer resembled the actual event. An 82-year-old sister was used to give an experience but they had edited it too, so they gave her some notes so she did not accidentally go back to the original. She could not see the notes, "forgot" her glasses, so just gave the should have seen the brothers faces.

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