The JW Spin - why governments and opposers should let jws handle abusers themselves

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  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    I came across this blog - it is one of the evilest things I've ever read.

    You might not want to click on it because A) you'll give it more traffic and B) it will make you mad. In summary it states that since only 11-17% of molesters are repeat offenders, witnesses guilty of abuse should be dealt with inside the congregation as long as they confess. (The report the writer references actually states it's a 35% repeat rate within 15 years). The writer also claims to be a victim of sexual abuse by someone he knows who has never been reported to authorities - AND THE WRITER LIKES IT THAT WAY - because it would 'cause distress to the abuser's family.'

  • LostGeneration

    Definitely an off-the-rocker JW, I read the blog post and the source article is here:

    The most important part is simply this:

    Due to the frequency with which sex crimes are not reported to police, the disparity between the number of sex offenses reported and those solved by arrest, and the disproportionate attrition of certain sex offenses and sex offenders within the criminal justice system, researchers widely agree that observed recidivism rates are underestimates of the true reoffense rates of sex offenders

  • LostGeneration

    Copy/Paste of the whole thing if you don't want to visit Einstein's blog:

    Those in governments and our apostates want those of Jehovah's Witnesses who have once been criminals to stop confessing their sins to the elders. They also want to take away the freedom of victims and anyone who hears about a case, to decide whether they will report the offender. Victims and their families could end up paying the price along with the offender.

    If you have ever been molested, you are not alone. However, if your molester hasnot repented and has re-offended, then they are actually an uncommon breed among child molesters. Only 11-17% of child molesters in the world ever re-offend after ceasing their activity. But the following issue affects many times more people than just those unrepentant offenders. Our opposers are willing to destroy the lives of thousands just to get at the few. But they don't want you thinking about the numbers. No, they want to stop your thinking by getting you to hone your thoughts in on the few, blinding you with a "forest for the trees" scenario.

    Our opposers are on a witch hunt to get a hold of our list of sex offenders. This list includes not just rapists and child molesters who have confessed and left their sins behind, but also a great deal more who simply had consensual sex with teenagers that were a year below the legal age limit or who performed some youthful indiscretion. Then there's the fact that being able to acquire one list opens the door up to the governments having authority to acquire any other list of non-sexual criminals or even any other private records both among religions and private citizens without restriction. And not just Jehovah's Witnesses would be affected, but other religions as well, including Catholics, Baptists, Muslims and Buddhists. All under the pretense of getting the few child molesters who have not gotten themselves under control. Instead of seeking to work with Jehovah's Witnesses to ferret out those individuals, they put themselves in opposition to Jehovah's Witnesses over petty religious differences. The hardened attitude of "all criminals must pay" is unchristian and unsympathetic to those seeking help and repentance.

    They don't want former criminals coming clean so that they could get help from the elders. They want to force these people into the shadows and to re-offend because they didn't get the help they needed. They also want to increase the likelihood of re-offense through incarceration so that they can have something to hold against Jehovah's Witnesses. Why would they not confess their sins? Because if the authorities get a hold of that list of sex offenders, it will be impossible for sex offenders to confess their sins to the elders without getting arrested. Brothers who have already confessed and left their sins are at risk if that list gets released. Even those who once repented and have become inactive or gone apostate are at risk. Even people who have never been Jehovah's Witnesses will be at risk, and all of their families will be affected.

    In full disclosure, I myself was a victim of child sex abuse by someone I know. My abuser has never re-offended, has never offended with anyone else, and has never been one of Jehovah's Witnesses. They have a family and their grown children love them and, though knowing about the person's past, have stated that the person never did anything to them. But if those files get out, that person will be at risk for prosecution, and if that person found out it was because of that list that they were arrested, then they will never even consider joining the organization. Thus, their eternal salvation, and their freedom, is at risk.

    Since the statute of limitations does not apply to child molestation in our area, that person will be prosecuted and arrested and could potentially do life in prison, not to mention lose their job, their pension and all hopes of ever finding meaningful employment, all because our selfish opposers have a vendetta against Jehovah's Witnesses in general. I'm the victim and I do not want that for my former abuser. Besides this, my former abuser is also a linchpin to their family's survival. The distress this would cause an entire non-Witness family is the punishment that our opposers seek because they only want to create reasons for people to leave or never to come to Jehovah's organization. Besides this, I myself could be jailed because I most certainly would refuse to testify against my repentant abuser.

    So this issue does not just concern Jehovah's Witnesses, but concerns even people in the world. Since only 11% of treated child molesters and 17% of untreated child molesters ever re-offend, that means 83-89% of them, those who have repented and never re-offended, who have molested children that are or became one of Jehovah's Witnesses, or who themselves have been Jehovah's Witnesses at any time and confessed their sins, are at risk. Are we supposed to punish someone who has repented and is not a threat to anyone? Should the authorities have such power to override the sanctity of religious confession? Would this not violate the separation of church and state so essential to the policies and legal statutes of so many countries today, such as the United States?

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    Thanks LostGeneration. It serves as an example of how people can justify action (or non-action) in their minds cognitively.

    I also wanted to add that it is understandable why it's sometimes not reported, but not wanting 'to cause distress to the abuser's family' sounds like a terrible reason to me.

  • AudeSapere

    I can understand not wanting to cause distress to the abuser's family.

    However, in my experience, an abuser, is an abuser, is an abuser. Two specific cases that I can think of, sex abuse was rendered on a non-family member, but the same abuser was physically (beating) the family members. Different kind of abuse, but abuse nonetheless.

    Attempting to shield the family from distress is not necessarily doing them any favors. It might actually help fix other abuses that are occurring within their home.

    You really just never know. Might be better to bring the offender to justice...?


  • berrygerry

    Only 11-17% of child molesters in the world ever re-offend after ceasing their activity.

    What a stupid statement.

    If someone has "ceased their activity," they would never engage in that activity again.

  • talesin

    There is no accurate way to determine recidivism rates of pedophiles, due to the nature of the crime. A rate of 35% is low, very low. For this writer to claim 11-17% would be laughable, if the whole subject was less heinous.

    The families of pedophiles would suffer, and I feel compassion for them. But child sexual abuse is considered to be 'soul murder'. To protect one pedo, could mean the ruination of many lives.

    The blog author (C.J. Williams) is a POS. Oh, and check out some of the testimonials for his blog. SMDH


    "May God bless you greatly for this insight. ...and I'm happy that this blog exists." —Tope Famayegun (Nigeria)

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    "God bless you as you support these precious individuals. Great web site!" —Rutherglen Road (Pastor, England)

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    "It is so wonderful to see yet another webpage dedicated to upholding our most holy faith in Jehovah God and Jesus Christ and begs us to keep our faith in the Organization with Christ as its head. We may not make a very big dent when compared to all of those apostate/anti-JW sites on the web but at least we can have our voice heard." —Sean (United States)
  • Naoscillator
    Almost seems like a parody.
  • wizzstick

    They have a family and their grown children love them and, though knowing about the person's past, have stated that the person never did anything to them.


    So he/she isn't a member of that family. How can they know whether or not their abuser has abused other children which weren't of that family?

    The publicity surrounding cases can bring out other examples of abuse that were done in secret. But by covering it up it removes any possibility of others coming forward.

  • John Free
    John Free
    God let's just abandon the criminal justice system altogether shall we? After all, think of the hardship it causes to the poor old criminals and their families. How does this victim know that this pedophille has not reoffended? It takes years/decades for other victims to come forward. Criminals must pay for their crimes however sorry they are anyway, the God this person worships would have once stoned these criminals to death.

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