The JW Spin - why governments and opposers should let jws handle abusers themselves

by Robo Bobo 25 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • jookbeard
    his final message to me was " you have admitted apostasy ( I didn't LOL) and that I wont be responding to you any more" still never responded to their UN membership and he called me an apostate!
  • talesin

    He is wack-a-doo.

    I have a cousin who will write newspapers, or perhaps bloggers. Lester is not a very common name.

    Ooooo! bad bad APOSTATE!

  • jhine
    Like Pubsinger said , how does the writer know that the abuser hadn't reoffended ? And why mention that this person is not a JW , does that make a difference ?
    However like others have agreed the wishes of the victim do need to be taken into account . That does not mean , though , that elders shouldn't encourage victims to go to the police . The current practice of discouragement is completely wrong and done for all the wrong reasons .
    This article is obviously JW spin and clearly designed to muster the troops against apostates and Satan's authorities . The scaremongering of " where will it all stop ? " is just designed to engender panic in the r&f .
    Can this be brought to the attention of the Goddard enquiry , l think that it would provide valuable insight into the JW mindset .

    He should watch the new video that Cedars put together.


  • flipper

    The JW spin- or translation ( WT Society GB ) spin is to treat child abuse as a " sin " instead of the crime that it really is. So they take a dismissive attitude towards any police investigations and arrogantly feel that THEY the GB can determine how to treat child molesters among them better than the authorities, police, or Caesar's laws of the land.

    WT leaders become a law unto themselves and their closed community of JW's and become judge, jury, and executioner all wrapped into one. WT leaders are very good at living in fantasy land where they feel they don't have to answer to the laws of the land or police authorities at all. That's how arrogant they are. They feel that way SO much that it's one reason they refused to testify in San Diego , California in the Gilbert Lopez child abuse case. They refused to send the GB member Losch and refused the court order to provide documentation of how many pedophiles are in the witnesses , as well as refusing to disclose written policies concerning WT child abuse. They just feel that they don't have to answer to anybody about anything.

    If the child abuse lawsuits keep avalanching into the hundreds worldwide- the WT Society will be FORCED to recognize police authority and governmental intervention if they keep being arrogant. It's what they deserve for their arrogance. They've made their own bed- they should lay in it

  • Vidiot

    "...only 11-17% of molesters are repeat offenders..."




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