How Many Here Are DF'd, Disassociated Or Not Worried That They Might?

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  • LeslieV

    I wrote a letter to DA myself in 1996. Have no desire whatsoever to go back!!!!!!


  • pandora

    DA'd back in 86 or 87. Don't remember which. I was only 17 or so. I was just so happy to get out from underneath all those rules. I could not be DF'd because I had never gotten baptised. Lucky me. Now my mom can call and preach at me if she so chooses. Thankfully, she doesn't choose to waste her time on me too much.


  • unique1

    Not disfellowshipped or disassociated. Still report time, although it is a big fat lie. I report one hour every month. I still go to about 1 meeting every two weeks. The only reason I still pretend to be interested is so my parents will still talk to me. I am not worried about being disfellowshipped. I am smarter than they are and can lie with ease. (something I learned growing up in a witness family, if you want to do anything as a kid you have to be a great liar, and so I became one.)

  • sandy

    I have been faded for the past 4 years. The elders have not bothered me in two years. A couple of weeks ago they were visiting my house giving my sister a sheparding call and I heard them ask for me. Thank God my sister did not know I was home or else she would have called me to the front room.

    I was already planning to fake that I was asleep or sick then I heard her say she isn't home.

    My siblings minus 1 are active. My parents attend sunday meetings only.

    Undecided said:

    've sort of give up on religion and trying to figure out God. I just try to have a sense of respect for the creation and whatever was responsible for it, although at times I get a little aggravated at him because of all the bad things that nature throws at mankind and animals.
    I feel the exact same way.

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