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  • Wild_Thing
    There is far too many non-penis-equipped people expressing opinions here on this thread!
    It must stop now! Or Jehovah will get very upset you know! !

    Sorry! I'll pass out the napkins.

  • Wild_Thing
    @Wild_Thing: "So, the PO's wife went to garage sales and bought a bought of silky scarves to keep at the KH."
    But what about demons?!

    Damn! That might explain the smurf walking into the Kingdom Hall!

  • humbled
    There is far too many non-penis-equipped people expressing opinions here on this thread!It must stop now! Or Jehovah will get very upset you know! — stuckinarut

    I am loving this thread.

    Rock on ladies and all you ladies’ men!

  • stuckinarut2

    1 Tim 2:12

    "I do not permit a woman to teach"

    There we go everyone! The spirit-appointed Apostle Paul has spoken!

    So unless you have a penis, be quite and know your place!

  • TD

    How on earth does a guy like that reconcile it in his head?

    LOL - I'd like to know that myself...

    I was told on another forum (one for people in mixed faith marriages) by several women that my belief that men and women are equal; that nobody is in charge in a marriage; that duties should be divided up not by gender, but by talent, yada, yada, yada, that this made me less of a "man."

    Apparently, there are women out there who prefer traditional (archaic) gender roles, although I'm honestly not sure what the tradeoff is (?)

  • Spiral

    @LV101 - OK! I see, and have seen it. Years ago a sister I really liked married a "worldly" man (he was super nice) and he came to the KH for a while..... then they both (and her son) lost interest and quit coming. Smart! They were all very happy going forward.

    @WildThing, pretty sad you have to get natty old scarves from garage sales to use in the KH. But, no one can afford new! What a joke.

  • Cadellin

    This is one of the things that bothered me even as a very small child. I could never make sense of it. Interestingly, the WT seems to be softpedaling the whole submission thing, at least publicly. In one of the recent "public" mags, there was a cover article on family life, with advice for husbands and wives and--to my surprise--nothing was said about headship, submission, etc., just generic thoughts about showing respect to each other and working together. If you didn't know better, you'd think that the WT considered husbands and wives equal.

    But this insistence that men, esp. elders, do literally everything in the cong. might contribute to the WT's eventual diminishment or downfall, since there are just not the males around to do all the work. In my husband's cong. of more than 120 pubs., he was lamenting one of the elders moving out, and that it would effectively leave three able-bodied elders to do all the work (alas, he is one of them). Even the MS's are elderly, with one or two exceptions. And this is in a "large" cong. I have to wonder if this will also maybe contribute to a further cutting back of conventions like the RC, since there are just not the males to "man" all the posts. HAHAHAHA!!!

  • zeb

    I used the cringe every time some speaker would quote the apostle Paul. He was quoted so often i recall saying to someone The name Jehovahs Witnesses should be dropped and become the Apostle Paul society.

    It was as if there were no other sources in the gospels or the old to quote from or relate too.

    PS. Now there is something those who have to attend conventions can do. List the books of the bible and tick each one it is quoted and at the end of the convention add up and see which one got the most. Please let us know how you go.

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