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  • carla

    With much amusement I read the thread on women parking lot attendants and it got me to thinking about life at home for the average jw.

    I believe I am correct in thinking that anything to do with jw-ism requires a penis, except all the leg work (fs & pioneers). Meaning the mic's, talks, etc... but yet the same guy who thinks his wife (or any other woman) is not bright enough to run the sound system for example doesn't mind his wife hauling hay, digging in the yard, managing the checkbook and other various physical jobs as well as jobs that do in fact require a brain larger than that of a gnat?

    Let's say a guy is a bit technologically challenged but he can manage the sound system at the kh ok. I imagine he feels proud that he is getting to do this great privilege? yet at home the wife is the one who sets up the computers, printers, routers, tv's and stereos. How on earth does a guy like that reconcile it in his head?

    How the heck do they retain young people these days? oh, never-mind, I forgot they have their family hostage. sigh.

  • flipper

    CARLA- Great thread. How JW men justify their views in one word is called DENIAL>

    de Nile ain't just a river ! lol. I knew so many JW pompous men , mostly elders who considered themselves " legends in their own minds " - who thought they knew everything, but treated their JW wives like dirt. When in fact, as you say those JW wives many times were much more brilliant and accomplsished than their husbands.

    Another thing that causes this justification of " superiority " within JW men is the WT indoctrination they get from the top of the organization. It's drilled into them to look at themselves as " the head " of the woman- right or wrong, good or bad. WT Society even drills into their heads about " believing " women who try to " win over their unbelieving husbands " by being " submissive " . So this whole submission crap is a patriarchal, Bible thumping that even mainstream religions install into brain neurotransmitters of " Christian " communities, including JW's.

    It's such a farce and crock of shit because many a man on this planet has USED this indoctrination to abuse women emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually. And it's absolutely tragic. Just another big reason I am not a Christian. Not only do men abuse this authority in families, but they abuse it in many different kinds of organizations- whether it be political, religious, business organizations. It truly is a rampant problem in our society. And they are losing lots of young people in the JW organization these days due to the archaic old time views. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Tallon

    Great discussion, Carla.

    Flipper has touched on a number of points, however, as a suggestion for women to defend their stance in the congregation it might be an idea to bring the following to the attention of the BOE.

    If women, in the Org, are viewed as 'lesser beings' than men, then how come Theresa May is currently the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany. Note: there have been other women who served as Head of State.

    Then there are women who are Monarchs, such as Queen Elizabeth 2nd of the UK and Commonwealth countries having reigned for 66 years and counting.

  • LV101

    Carla -- Ahhh, reality. I think the males that don't know their arse from a hot rock get an ego trip off the chauvinistic, dogmatic, dictatorial, biblical, teachings -- some old JW geezers of yesteryear not the intelligent guys onboard here or younger genres. JWs (sisters) used to tell me when a sister's unbelieving mate became a JW (seldom) the sister was DTR (down the road) -- done! Made perfect sense to me and one way to freedom.

    They'll use and abuse both male/female for whatever their agenda dictates.

  • Londo111

    There was a leaked attendants video that explained the role women could have in assisting attendants.

    Even with the most fundamentalist interpretation of Scripture, it makes no sense that women can't handle mikes, or the sound, or do the accounts. Or any non-teaching position.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Just Google: YouTube Samual Herd Jehovah's Witnesses Women's Brains 10% Smaller, but have a barf bag ready.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    JWs (sisters) used to tell me when a sister's unbelieving mate became a JW (seldom) the sister was DTR (down the road) -- done! ~LV101

    I've seen this happen twice.

  • ShirleyW

    I'm well aware of how the Sister are treated in the congregation, but in the early 1960's we had a sister conduct the "area study" as it was called back then, or the book study, the mtg in certain ones homes usually on a Tuesday night to study one of the publications.

  • LV101

    Sail - I believe it! There's obviously many sisters whose OBMs never go near the religion and many are probably big contributors monetarily to the WTs money chest. It's odd what an outsider with an unbelieving mate observes and experiences -- and hears! You have to be strong and stand up to the clergy class (everyone) because there's no one there to lean on. It's like walking a land mine in that cult.

  • JW_Rogue

    You hear a lot about submission but let's be honest, it rarely works that way in real life. Men may have all the privileges in the org but at home many times it's the opposite. Most of the time decisions will be made by the person who cares the most and often times that is the wife.

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