Kingdom Hall Spankings

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  • Warrigal

    As a child I was whipped in the restroom to the extent that I once had to go to the hospital with a cracked skull/concussion. She hit me so hard that I fell backward and hit the sink.

    They wouldn't call an ambulance, instead I was taken in the backseat of the Company servant's car. My mother said I fell accidently and bumped my head. I didn't dare contradict her as I knew the resulting beating would be far worse.

  • shamus

    Some kids, it is the only way that they will listen, is to give them a "swat", NOT a beating. The only time that it is okay to do it is if: They know if they do something wrong they are going to "get it", and have no questions about it.... Done in private, where no-one can hear... and most important, not, not, NOT done in anger. Should be done at home - not a KH.

    MOST KIDS need ever get a spanking. Taking privleges away, or talking to them is enough. If you have a kid that needs a "swat" every now and then, with the mentions above, you are a rareity.

    Personally, I will never spank a child again. I did it once, ONCE to my nephew, 2yrs old, and left a little welt. I will never, ever hit a kid again. That is up to the parents to do, and certainly not hard at all. (Although I did have permission to do so... I will never again.)

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Hell, we'd get taken to the parking lot and spanked sometimes.

    But most memorable was what I refer to as, "the after the meeting beating". Dad would line us from the oldest to youngest and spank us after each meeting. For talking, for fidgeting, name it. There were 8 kids then, I was second oldest. By the time he had spanked my older brother, myseld and then my brother Stephen, all the younger ones were in tears.

    Having the after the meeting beating to look forward to 3 times a week made going to the meetings something none of us wanted to do.


  • asortafairytale

    I used to get pulled to the bathroom by those short hairs on the back of my neck(eeck!). My mom always used her shoes to spank me, and she never cared who else was in the restroom at the time. When I got older, I found out that the entire congregation used to hear it...her hitting me, and me crying. It still amazes, and sickens me how nothing is ever done about parents who do this.


  • SheilaM

    Geesh How horrible theses tales are, a shoe why in the hell would you use a shoeSometimes these supposed grownups need a good smack so they can see what it's like

  • reporter

    Welcome to the "discipline and mental-regulating of Jehovah..."

    A far cry from "authoritative advice", don't you say?

  • avishai

    Got regular beatings at the KH from the age of 4 mo. old. My mom now knows it was insane. Or so she says. Did'nt like it one bit. Beaten balck & blue @ 6 yrs old by a dub baby sitter who also beatmy 1 yr. old autistic bro balck & blue the same day. Hit me so hard I vomited. Mom told her if she ever came near me again, she'd kill her. But it was ok for mom me slightly less hard. Saw my dub cousin beating her 3 yr. old w/ a wooden spoon this weekend. Freaked me out.

  • unclebruce

    my five month old daughter started crying during a watchtower study, so i marched her out the back and gave her a few slaps on the rump - there and then i realised what a jerk of a father the WBTS world was turning me into. It and other 'child welfare issues' had me walk away from 'the truth'. (surely only the mentally ill would read that violence glorifying "my book of bible stories" to toddlers)

    uncle 'complete JW arsewipe' bruce

    ps: don't worry - the girl has grown into a beautiful, well adjusted 20 year old - (she's sharper than her old man could ever be and has more than extracted her revenge over the years :)

  • DIM

    it always seemed to me that my mom admonished me out of anger or embarrassment of what her pioneer buddies would think rather than providing guidance. Anytime you do that to a child and you are not in a controlled state it equals child abuse. I think my mom would be really hurt if I said that to her, she's so brainwashed she probably has no idea.

  • Nosferatu

    "No wonder why so many leave when they reach 18.

    Then it takes the rest of thier lives to get over it."

    I hear that! Yeah, I was a victim of KH spankings. I remember one particular assembly I was forced to attend. My mother had told me it was going to be over at 1:00. 2:00 had rolled around, and I knew that my mother had lied to me. I started whispering "Mom is a liar". I was taken downstairs where the washrooms are, and had my face slapped a few times. I was crying, and I felt incredibly embarrassed as people came out of the washroom looking at me as if I was the devil himself. After a while, I learned how to sit perfectly still, staring at the podium, looking like I was paying attention. Meanwhile, I was actually daydreaming.

    As for getting over the Troof, the thing that finalized it was when I found out they had changed the theory on the 1914 generation. That was something I was taught since I was a child, and when I left I was always thinking "what if they're right?" Not anymore.

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