Kingdom Hall Spankings

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  • kj

    I saw a comment in one of the posts about JWs not having nursery or Sunday school for kids, saying "In Jesus' day, the children listened in the synagogue". What scriptural backing do they have for that? My mom gave me that excuse before, too, but no scripture to back it up. Is there any? Why should children sit through a bunch of stuff they don't understand? Wouldn't it make more sense to teach them on their own level, so they might actually learn something and (gasp) enjoy themselves?

    My mom is always talking about how "bad" my little cousin behaves at some of the meetings. My son (her grandson) is the same age, and one of the most energetic (yeah, hyper) kids you'll meet. My son and I are not JW, so I ask her, "well, do you think _______ would be able to sit through a 2 hour meeting? Does that make him "bad"?" This shut her right up, as she wouldn't dream of calling her grandson bad. It is disgusting the standards they try to hold those poor kids to.


  • bisous
    This is absolutely ridiculous! I went to meetings from the time I was 6 till about 10 years ago, which is roughly 22 years. I never saw anything like what was described here. Babies were not beaten. We had soundproof rooms at the back of the hall in which nursing moms could see what was going on and also hear what was going on. If babies were fussy the parents usually either walked them back to the hall and walked back and forth to soothe them and if they were just being crabby, then they took them to the nursing room. People in the front could see into this room. No one beat their kids into sinks.

    I find it HARD to believe that ALL the posters here, from all throughout the WORLD ... are making this up. Ever stop to think that your hall was an exception ??

    People post on here for support not derision.

  • ohiocowboy

    Nolongerattendingbutstillgoodandcallous said,

    I believe that half the posts here are from people claiming to be witnesses once and part of the rest are fully exaggerated.

    I kinda don't think that comments like that will get you a welcoming thread...

  • MoeJoJoJo

    I remember as a kid, I was acting up at the meetings and my mom would take me to the bathroom, well this sister told her that I just needed a good smacking and for my mom to count each time she spanked me so that I thought the beating would never end.

    When my son was about two, there was this elderly sister who would always sit in the back row. One meeting we sat in front of her and because my son didn't sit perfectly still, he distracted her. After the meeting, she made sure to speak to me and told me that I should bring a wooden spoon with me to the meetings, that's what she used to do when her kids were little, she said. I told her that we are doing the best we could and that he was just little and not very nicely. We had been getting alot of 'advice' from everyone, especially those without children and I was sick of it. A week later the sister died.

    There was this witness family that I grew up around, the kids were always getting beat for everything. They were told to grab their ankles (I guess so he had a good target and it probably hurt worse), so the kids would bend over & grab their ankles and the father would take off his belt and beat them. front of whoever, it didn't matter to the father, I know it was humiliating, not only for the kids but for me too, just seeing it happen.

  • Odrade
    I believe that half the posts here are from people claiming to be witnesses once and part of the rest are fully exaggerated. I was never baptised, I came back and forth in the truth in my life. It did teach me to respect others and I am truly a good person, just don't go to meetings.

    Nolongerattendingdoesn'thaveaclue: Oh yeah, you respect others. Come on here and call 4 pages of posters liars and exaggeraters. I'm glad you and your hall were so f000ing perfect, and I'm glad that you feel like such a good person who respects others (except for us liars who were never beaten at the kingdom hall.) So why are YOU here? other than to call us all liars?

  • mamochan13

    Lot's of j'ws beat there kids during meetings. I saw it. but lot's of other religions do the same. I don't think JW's have the corner on the market.

  • myauntfanny

    I have pretty much the same stories as everyone else. My mother did spank, and she used wooden paddles in order to avoid hurting her hand. But I have a low pain threshhold so I learned early to keep quiet. What bothers me more now is the things I saw. At an assembly once a child not older than three, in a stall being ruthlessly whipped with a belt, sobbing hopelessly. The mother just wouldn't stop. It was horrible, I felt sick, and not one of the women in there said a single word, including my mother. Social services would certainly have had something to say about it, it was not just borderline child abuse, it was the real thing. There was also a family with three girls who came to meetings covered in enormous bruises. I asked my mother about it and she said the girls bruised easily. Yes, I'm sure all three of them had some strange blood disorder, that explains it. They always quoted whoever it was that said "spare the rod, spoil the child". I've wondered since if they misinterpreted. Maybe he really meant "please, spare the rod, go ahead and spoil that child". I am absolutely opposed to all corporal punishment. If you spank a child, that does NOT make him understand anything except that you are bigger than him and willing to use your power against him. He'll understand that very well and when he grows up his deepest reality will be that it is okay to hit people if they are a lot smaller than him and won't do what he wants. How can our whole society evolve beyond that if it's the first thing we teach our children by painful example?

  • tae

    I used to go to the KH with my aunt when i was a kid. once in one of the meetings on of the elders asked me how does Jehovah here our prayers. I proudly stood up and said "we are each assigned an angel who wears a cross and when we begin to pray our angels cross lights up and he writes down our prayer and then reads it back to God". My aunt was so embarrased by my answer that she did not bother taking me to the bathroom, she took the strap off her purse and spanked me right in front of everyone.

  • Dan-O

    "Sometimes these supposed grownups need a good smack so they can see what it's like"

    Don't you suppose it would be big fun to encounter an adult spanking their kid with a shoe in the KH or assembly hall bathroom and then pull off one of your own shoes to start beating the adult? *LOL* Hell, I'd fork out cash to watch that on pay-per-view!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Welcome, Tae.

    Yes, that was a demeaning experience for sure. I wonder how she was able to do it.


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