X-JW Hypocrisy.

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  • onacruse

    Abaddon, ok, now I get ya. I perhaps should have made it more clear that I was talking about the attitude of "I'm right..." You know, the automatic reaction that some people have that, sometimes before you've even finished your sentence, they've already marshalled their contrary argumentation. I sure know that as a JW I was saturated with that attitude, and I certainly don't want to live even one day of my ex-JW life with that same mind-cancer.


  • StinkyPantz

    My name has been thrown around quite a bit on this thread. . . should I comment? Probably not.

  • wednesday

    I'm not very tolerant. Some belief systems i won't even read about. I have no use for them.. Would i picket their place of worship? probably not, , but then here in USA we ahve a lot of religious freedom and so people are afraid to be politically incorrect. I think if we weren't so PC here, and there werent' laws to provide for peaceful assembly, i think u would see more people out in front of mosques /and other religions/ protesting . We are only tolerant b/c we are forced to be.

    I think people suppose it is so intellectual to be tolerant of all sorts of beliefs. I don;'t agree. I agree with ravyn-u can be so open minded your brains fall out.


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