Jehovah God Is Not Real

by Onager 25 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Divergent


    God should be intelligent enough to prove to every person on earth that he exists 100%

    Oh yes he will... when he destroys them at Armageddon!

    This was one of the points that I NEVER got. WHY the heck does Jokehova NOT want to convince people of his existence NOW but instead chooses to do so at a time when they are already doomed to destruction? ? ?

  • Finkelstein

    The only reason gods have existed is that men's stories have existed, along with their ignorance and imagination.

  • Onager


    “I can't say beyond a doubt that Jehovah or God does not exist,”

    I agree that it can’t be stated beyond a doubt that God does not exist. However I think that the god called Jehovah as defined by the JW’s is internally inconsistent and therefore cannot exist. A loving god doesn’t commit hateful acts, a moral god doesn’t act immorally etc.

    Stan livedeath

    “jehovah exists .

    but then so does baal..thor..the bogeyman etc.”

    For the purposes of my OP I mean exist in the sense that my living room table exists. You’ll just have to have faith in my word that it does… J


    “Lots of words.”

    Interesting, but we’re discussing the god called Jehovah, not Jesus. You seem to be saying that he does exist but is irrelevant to us today? The problem is that for millions of JW’s the Jehovah concept is horribly relevant.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Don't you wonder how many jw's really, honestly, truly believe in the existence of jehober? As a 5 decade jw, I certainly had my doubts, for the many reasons expressed in this post, and eventually those doubts helped me see reality. He exists in Hebrew mythology but not in Human reality!

    just saying!

  • Onager

    My impression is that Jehovah the god is not as important as Jehovah's organisation. I think that the group belonging is what's really important to them. For example if you argue the god is cruel or evil from the bible you'll get a robust defence (well, you do amongst my acquaintances), but if you are negative about the organisation it escalates immediately to Def Con 1.

    Another thing is that most JW's don't seem to live as if what they say they believe is true. The apathetic cart witnessing, keeping the house and car and paying into the pension fund... all things that just would not happen if they truly believed the end was as close as they say.

  • punkofnice

    If it were obvious that god exists, we'd all know which one.

    Here's something better.....and that's me on guitar and singing...

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