Jehovah God Is Not Real

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  • ttdtt

    How about - absolutely no evidence for any "spirit world or creatures" at all.

    Absolutely no evidence for any intervention into man's affairs at any time at all.

    Why would god make a universe and then people on a small planet and completely hide any evidence of his existence.

    If the 'bible' were from god, why would he make a completely flawed and book that is so ambiguous that 10,000 religions and sects can read whatever they want from it to believe whatever they want.

    You would think it would be the clearest and most remarkable book leaving mankind with no questions about who they are where they are going and who god is. Instead you have a book that even the "CHOSEN ones" the anointed or now the "GB" can't go a week without having to revise what they think it says. Even who the Slave is took them 100 years to figure out:)

    The bible is adequate evidence that there is no Jehober.

  • schnell

    The god of the Bible is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. This is a logical fallacy, but Jehovah's Witnesses's explanation that he has "selective knowledge" is even more ridiculous. By that logic, Jehovah is omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, and ignorant.

    Also, where is he? He is said to be a personal god living only in Heaven, but he is described as omnipresent and "roaming about the earth". If he is omnipresent AND he works through people on earth, then logically God is a metaphor for something inside each of us. Yet Jehovah's Witnesses deny this and say that He Who Causes to Become is a personal god who lives in Heaven, an invisible spirit realm never to be identified. (Though the Pleiades was offered as one possibility before it was rejected, and I've recently heard hypotheses that he lives in an alternate universe outside of the Big Bang, which is equally refutable because that would limit his power in the scope of the universe containing him and he is supposed to be omnipotent.) But he is described as omnipresent and roaming about the earth to show his power... and so is Satan.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The Indonesian Tsunami is a huge reason why Jehovah must not be there.

    SImply make it not happen, that's all he had to do. Instead, tens of thousands (if not One Hundred thousand) children torn away from parents and killed for nothing. There's no lesson for survivors there, and the pain is too great upon parents if someone comes up with a reason for such terrible suffering.

  • Finkelstein

    I'd like people to list the reasons why they do not believe that Jehovah exists.

    For one indefensible reason that the ancients told fictional stories about their select god's of worship to create power and relevance representative to their gods, the Hebrews did so as well.

    Another indefensible fact is that there was a vast amount of human ignorance of the physical world the ancients had to endure and live within, such as what was lightening, how and why earthquakes occurred, why death occurred etc.

    In spite of there being established attempts toward social order within each ancient civilization ie. the ten commandants, the social humanitarian directives of the Jesus god, these gods or deities never existed but that was the way ancients put strength to these directives by the almighty gods in heaven above, it was their perceived power which created the backing support to those directives.

  • FedUpJW

    (Exodus 20:5) . . . bringing punishment for the error of fathers upon sons, upon the third generation and upon the fourth generation. . .

    And yet Jesus said (John 14:9) " . . . He that has seen me has seen the Father . . ."
    and about forgiving (Matthew 18:22) . . .“I say to you, not, Up to seven times, but, Up to seventy-seven times."

    So Jesus claims we should be forgiving to a large degree, and that he is the reflection of his father, and yet his father holds grudges against multiple. . .woops, sorry, overlapping generations for one persons sins. No contradiction there, is it?

  • OneEyedJoe

    I think Pierre-Simon Laplace put it best when questioned about why he didn't mention god in his explanation of planetary motion. "I had no need of that hypothesis." Simply put, there is nothing that the existence of god explains that warrants such a grand leap as to assume a deity. While there may be some gaps in our understanding of the universe, those gaps are steadily shrinking and the trend demonstrates that any time someone tries to insert god into the equation, another simpler explanation is soon to follow.

  • stuckinarut2

    I did the "fleece test" many times...and the responses were overwhelmingly silent...

  • evilApostate
    schnell 3 hours ago
    The god of the Bible is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent. This is a logical fallacy, but Jehovah's Witnesses's explanation that he has "selective knowledge" is even more ridiculous. By that logic, Jehovah is omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, and ignorant.

    That is not just ignorance; it's negligence. According to them, he chooses not to know certain things to prevent himself from knowingly causing evil. However, negligence does not equal innocence. A better model is to only allow your creation to choose any "good" choices and always avoid harmful ones. This way your creation would possess free-will but would be limited to "good" choices.

    It's just like writing an algorithm.

    IF choice = "bad"{

    Don't choose }


  • Urvince

    i have no doubt that Jehovah exists after all Abraham was a genius who invented Arithmetic and since Abraham lived in Ur he would have been an Astrologer [there were no Astronomers] so being a genius Abraham would not have become a tribal savage as Jehovah wanted him to do, Jehovah told him to form the Jewish tribal savages according to the stars so Abraham prepared the twelve tribes for the twelve sun signs. Abraham who was a civilized highly educated genius then obeyed this Jehovah who appeared to him in whatever form to give birth to roaming footless tribal herdsmen. Now Abraham had such faith in Jehovah that he was prepared to sacrifice his only son at an advanced age when he had little chance of producing another. people that are extraordinary whether good such as Jesus Christ or bad such as Hitler are simply disregarded as mentally deranged, but this is childishly simplistic as no one who is mentally deranged has influenced history.. When they die they are always forgotten. How did Jehovah then act? He favoured Able a herdsman over Cain a farmer, so obviously Jehovah prefers tribal herdsmen over even farmers. Jehovah said that the tribal Jews would be his people and Jehovah their unless you are a tribal Jew of the bloodline of Abraham you are not part of the people of Jehovah.

    Jesus Christ of course had nothing but abuse for the tribal Jews and their Priests, so that the Jews spread the lie that Jesus was the illegitimate son of a hated Roman Centurion and it was easy to demand his crucifixion. So all this is very much more complicated and cannot be discarded so easily by simplistic science. Some of you have stated that Jehovah does not talk to them, in the Bible it states in the last books of the Old Testament that Jehovah no longer was talking or communicating with the Jewish tribal priesthood.

    So since we are not tribal herdsmen Jehovah will no longer communicate with us we will have to look to Jesus Christ who associated with Jews of impure blood in Galilee and other nationalities to spread his message, which he knew would never be accepted by the Jews under Jehovah.

  • schnell

    @Urvince, cool. So Jehovah is partial after all.

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