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  • flipper

    PHOEBE- Excellent experience, thanks for sharing. I don't know how long you have been out of the JW organization , but the caution Desirous of Change mentioned is in order only if you care what JW's think of you . If you are totally out and not trying to keep any JW relationships- - then yeah - by all means keep assisting this JW lady and help her to see the corruption and crimes happening within the WT organization. Great job ! Keep it up ! I feel as time goes by more and more JW's are going to start waking up after people of the real world start throwing the WT child abuse in their face.

    The Internet is chalk full of quotes, you tubes, and information indicting WT leaders about their negligence regarding child abuse. The more JW's are informed about this- all the better ! Great job Phoebe ! Keep it up ! And a big thanks to Pete Zahut for finding that Stephen Lett you tube with his weird statement regarding child abuse

  • Phoebe


    Thank you so much for helping to protect me.

    Don't worry about me.I have a plan. I have listened to Critical Thinker on YouTube who did a very good video on waking people up.

    I am very careful. I never, ever attack the WT. I plant seeds and water slowly.

    But, even so, it certainly wouldn't bother me to be DF, I have no intentions of ever going back and all the family I care about have left the organization anyway.

    As it happens, I have heard from them today and they are planning a short break from meetings/service. Which is very telling, don't you think?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I am very careful. I never, ever attack the WT. I plant seeds and water slowly.

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    slowly, slowly, catchee monkey

    Good luck!


  • millie210

    Phoebe I think this is awesome!

    I will be checking back on this thread to see what happens next!

  • Finkelstein

    Another disturbing part to this WTS pedophilia cover up, is that just recently the WTS sent out a letter to all congregations that the elders were to destroy any written paper work on incidences of child sexual abuse by publishers within their congregations.

    So the good advise is clear, beware of men with smiling faces.

    They may not be truthful after all, they just may be trying to create an (righteous) image around themselves for themselves to the alluring unexpected .

  • flipper

    Very good points Finkelstein - I totally agree

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