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  • Alive!

    That IS interesting Phoebe.

  • Ding

    You might ask them how much information they want to know about and from what sources -- WT only or what's out there on the internet, etc.

    Let them decide how awake they want to be.

  • Crazyguy

    That’s awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Ding

    I want to elaborate a bit.

    When I said, "Let them decide how awake they want to be," I'm thinking of the mistake a number of us have made trying to wake up JWs in our lives by giving them all sorts of information they aren't ready to handle.

    What happens?

    They stop up their ears and run back to "mother."

    One thing Phoebe has going for her in this situation is that she can point out that if her friends want to be prepared by knowing what the people at the door are referring to, they aren't going to find that out if they only listen to what the WT is telling them.

    So give them the option.

    They can restrict themselves to what the WT says or they can find out what people at the door are hearing from other sources.

    Their choice.

    But if they opt for getting more information, then they need to commit in advance to not blaming the messenger (Phoebe) for giving them what they asked for.

    This can be reinforced step by step.

    For example, if they say they want outside information, you can get further permission by saying:

    -- "There are reports that the WT has paid out a lot of money in settlements to JWs who were molested by other JWs and that as a condition of the settlements the WT required them to keep quiet about it. Do you want to see specifics on that or not?"

    -- "It appears that a royal commission in Australia held public hearings on complaints about WT cover-up of a lot of incidents of child molestation. Brother Jackson even testified at the hearings. Do you want to see specifics on that or not?"

    If they don't want to know anything more because it's all apostate lies, then say, "Okay, that's fine. But that's the sort of thing the people at the door are talking about."

    That way, you've planted a lot of seeds while giving them multiple opportunities to either learn more or back out.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    No, no, no Finkelstein it's all about not bringing reproach on jehovah's name.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Phoebe 4 hours ago

    A little update to this tonight is that the sister has emailed me again to say they are very upset and would like further information from me about child abuse scandals.For example they were looking for Stephen Lett saying 'it's all apostate lies' on the broadcast but couldn't find it.


  • WTWizard

    The washtowel has been preparing for this for decades--by insisting that the jokehovian witlesses are supposed to endure this sort of stupid persecution for their god joke-hova. Anyone that doesn't continue going in field circus, despite this (and worse--even to the point of being slaughtered), is said to be unworthy of salvation. And they point to jesus krayst as the example--that thing was said to be blaspheming joke-hova, which to them was worse than the above incidents (even though joke-hova deserves being blasphemed). Nothing will change about field circus.

  • smiddy3

    That was good to hear Phoebe we can only hope that all of this exposure around the world in one country after another exposing the child abuse scandals in their own countries more and more people are seeing the religion for what it really is just another man made religion no better than any other man made religion or among the 40,000 Christian Religions that already exist here on Earth.

  • Phoebe


    thank you. I know it's important for me to not bombard them with info. They accept I know a lot about the subject because I'm one of the 'abused' and I've looked into because of that. There's a tendency to see that chink of hope and give them both barrels! But I won't do that. I'm going gently with it. Waking up can be a long, painful process. Thank you for your help.


    Thank you for the link!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think I can trust her, ~ Phoebe (Famous Last Words of many who have been DFs for apostasy)

    Image result for its a trap


    Perhaps you can trust this friend, but when she gets the information and becomes disturbed and runs to the nearest Elder who asks "Where did you get this stuff?" -- you're up shit creek!

    CYA is the rule you must follow here! -- Cover Your Butt

    This info CANNOT come from you!!!! STOP NOW and consider where YOU got it -- Bible Student? Return Visit? Non-JW family member? Someone at work? Even if someone else told you to Google for it -- but you need a plan!

    Now, when you present it, you need to be concerned and worrisome (so you can be the upmost concerned and worrisome if approached about an Elder concerning what you have shared).

    Plant some seeds. Then shut up and let them come to their own conclusions. Even then be cautious. Some people draw their own conclusions, but then try to pin it on you if you have agreed with them.

    Good luck!


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