Jehovah's Wonderous Creation - The Guinea Worm

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  • Rainbow_Troll

    Satan can't create anything, but he can twist and pervert what already is.

    Like homosexuality and other perversions: Jehovah created heterosexual missionary sex, but then Satan jazzed it up by introducing sodomy, BDSM, and 'prostate massagers'.

    Jehovah creates cute vegetarian pussycats and Satan turns them into bloodthirsty incarnations of death.

    Jehovah created humans to walk around naked and munch on fruit all day, but then Satan fowled everything up with that damn fruit and taught us writing, mathematics, and agriculture (see the Book of Jubilees).

    Satan knows he'll never be God. He'll never be able to create anything original so, instead of accepting his inferior status, he contents himself with ruining and defacing what Jehovah has created.

  • careful

    Rainbow_Troll, so is the Book of Jubilees from Satan or Jehovah?

  • redpilltwice

    Intriguing stuff pale.emperor!

    Two thoughts come to my mind...

    According to Christians who embrace biblical doctrine as the final authority, the fall leading to imperfection may have caused degradation, harmful changes/mutations. A very, very cruel concept of course and what a bizarre intention to make it last for 6000+ friggin' years! But hey, who am I? A worm...

    From an intelligent design perspective,the identity of the intelligence is unknown, It could be a god/gods, a spirit creature (angel, demon, unknown) or an alien as well. If (seeded) life would have been left on earth long ago (on purpose or by accident), degradation might as well have taken place. Seeking design patterns that indicate intelligence however do not necessarily adress the problem/objection of morality. It would be like saying that the nazi's couldn't have built the V2 because they've killed so many people in concentration camps.

  • Vidiot

    Evolution does so much better a job than creationism at explaining f**ked-up shit in nature like this.

    Either that, or God was reading Clive Barker that day. :smirk:

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Fun fact regarding the "Caduceus" medical symbol (the snake wrapped around a pole):

    Before the ancient Romans and Greeks (about 2612 B.C.), older representations from Syria and India of sticks and animals looking like serpents or worms are interpreted as a direct representation of traditional treatment of Dracunculiasis, the Guinea worm disease


    Learned that in HS biology class.

    Betcha there's a pretty gross video out there of the "traditional treatment" (pulling one of these things out by wrapping it around a stick). Not really interested in seeing that myself today. . . .

  • kpop

    Jehovah's works are wonderful.

    (that was a joke)

  • pale.emperor
    Rainbow Troll are you serious or being sarcastic?
  • Vidiot

    @ pale.emperor...

    Maybe we're being Poe's-Lawed... :smirk:

  • dubstepped

    Of course it's in Africa. Makes me think of this scene from The Book Of Mormon. Hasa diga ebowai!

  • tepidpoultry

    I believe this would be an example of "the problem of evil" which is a prime argument working against the ideal of a real and loving creator,


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