Jehovah's Wonderous Creation - The Guinea Worm

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  • pale.emperor

    You're not likely to see this in an Awake! magazine, but here goes. For those that believe in intelligent design please explain this one to me:

    Dracunculus Medinensis, otherwise known as the Guinea Worm, native to certain countries in Subsaharan Africa.

    This worm is a parasite that enters the human body at the flea stage through contaminated drinking water, bores its way through the human stomach and and then grows and grows until they leave. Their head protrudes through the human body, usually the leg or foot, causing so much pain that the victim usually wants to get near some water - the perfect place for the worm to spit out its babies, after which having completed its purpose, the worm dies.

    They exist purely to take advantage of homo sapiens (us). Scientists are currently working to make them exstint due to them causing the deaths of so many little babies that simply wanted a drink of water.

    The disease rarely causes death in adults, but the worm tends to stay in the body for a year and it takes an excruciatingly painful period of several weeks for the worm to leave the body. If present in joints it can do permanent damage and in the spine paralysis.

    So, please explain why Jehovah decided to create such a little beast with no other purpose than to infect us humans and cause us pain and, in the case of babies, a painful death?

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  • konceptual99

    We really should find more of these examples of bastard creatures and have a little series of them.


    What do you think? Was the complex life cycle of the Guinea Worm designed, or did it happen by chance?


  • dubstepped

    Nice! Disgusting and nightmarish, but well done.

    I always struggled with the mosquito. It transmits diseases and drinks from the blood that is supposedly so sacred. Never added up to me.


    Jehovah's Wonderous Creation - The Guinea Worm

    Not much point in crediting a parisite,to a mythical god..

  • schnell

    The Problem of Evil in Intelligent Design.

    Cuz that's pretty damned evil.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    Satan made it.

  • smiddy

    I agree with Konceptual99 here ,I would love somebody who could post a thread that lists these type of parasites that invade the human body and cause all manner of pain and suffering on humanity .

    How do Christians try to explain these facts. ? In Genesis God `s punishment for Adam and Eve`s " sin" /disobedience was only death , and in Adam and Eves case old age ,,nothing was said about the multitude of disease and other afflictions that would plague man/woman/kind`s descendants of Adam & Eve.

    And with the point of Satan causing this ? Is he a creator also ?

    I thought only Jehovah God was the creator of EVERYTHING living.

  • schnell

    Hell, why is abortion totally always absolutely wrong in a world where Zika exists? Viruses like that are pretty awful too.

    Satan made it.

    Did God forget to logout or something?

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