The Utterly most appalling terrible JW music video you will ever see

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  • Diogenesister
    Diogenesister far to date. You've been warned....

  • Magnum

    Thanks for the warning; I needed it to keep from puking. Disgustingly corny and embarrassing. They have too much time on their hands. Isn't the whole damned world supposed to come an end, like, any minute? If so, why are they acting like this? Get the hell out in the field and warn people. As has been said on this site many times, this is not the same religion it once was.

  • EverApostate

    Scary, just like a Zombie dance.

  • ToesUp

    Oh my God! We really needed that one today! We haven't laughed that loud since the Cart song.

    The guys signing it sounded drunk or high. The misfits are plentiful in the cult!

    Hope they enjoy their new KH before WT need the cash and sells it.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    You know, the main purpose of my presence online is to do my part in exposing the bad things JWs do. As there are plenty of such bad things, I sincerely don't see the point in criticizing them when they do things that makes them happy like that.

    In all fairness, some of the best times I had in my youth was on construction projects and I would have delighted in participating in such a video modifying the lyrics of an awesome song. So why not let them be happy for that moment? Yes, later on, they will face moments where there religion will cause them severe hardship, but for now, that project made them happy. Let them have that moment, for a moment it is.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    The Utterly most appalling terrible JW music video you will ever see

    Nope Diogenesister, sorry. Amateur? Yes, embarrassing? Absolutely. Excruciating? Even the kids were hiding their faces.

    No, the worst are the regular nauseating propaganda pieces flowing from the JW.Borg studios. At least these people are thanking those that misguidedly gave their time and money to help them.

    At least this was a home made spontaneous effort not like the sickening ORG sponsored efforts at the International Conventions presented as demonstrations of Lurv.

    So, all a load of misguided bollocks but at least they were having a bit of fun. So Steph, I see your point.

  • MeanMrMustard

    Pfft lol. Bla. When I was young, around 12/13, I went on a glass bottom boat ride. Lots of wildlife, fish. We came to a point where the spring fed river merged into a larger river. The boat had to go through an open gate with large pillars on each side. As we went through there was a monkey on one of the pillars. The monkey was sitting, smiling, and stroking a large erect penis. As the boat past by, he kept stroking proudly for all the kids to see.

    There was a shared feeling of laughter and cringe. Wide eyes all around. Silence and scattered snickering.

    This video gave me the same feeling.

  • Hairtrigger

    This will go down in WT history as Kingdom Melody # “Times Square Plaza and 42nd!!”

  • Magnum

    I strongly, but respectfully, disagree with a few comments made above. This video DOES NOT show a group of people having fun. This is a group who are trying to seem as though they're having fun and are hip. If the video showed some JWs who were out boogie boarding or mountain biking or just sitting around a fire relaxing and being themselves... and who were not acting for a camera, I would then say to leave them alone because they would actually be having fun and just being normal.

    Remember, this event was not a big party as the video would seem to depict. There was no music playing during the construction. Somebody just went around with a camera and had a few JWs do some corny, embarrassing moves for a few seconds and then added music and put all the clips together later. Yeah, maybe some actually had fun during the build, but that's not what the video is showing.

    These JWs are the same people who tell my mother who's not going to live much longer to have no association with her only son, one with whom she used to be very close, and why? Because he simply has an intellectual disagreement with her. After years of deep thought and much research and information gathering, he has come to disagree with her about the propriety of the JW religion. Yes, it boils down to that.

    The people in this video are self-righteous and condescending. They won't hear the evidence against them, but they think they can criticize anybody and anything they want to.

    They are not having fun in this video. They are acting (and the acting is pathetic). They are members of the new JWdom who say "Look at us! We're hip! we're cool! We're normal, fun-loving people!"

    And, I echo what I said above. It the end is as close as they say, and billions of lives are at stake, they shouldn't be acting that way. For them, these should not be normal times - not the time for corniness.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Magnum: I agree with you that most JWs are in fact self-righteous and condescending with people who do not share their views. However, I can assure you that a great deal of them actually LOVE doing construction work, I know as I was one of them. Where you see hard labor, I used to see an oportunity to learn construction, hang out with my friends, have beautifull sisters serve me refreshments: heck, I felt like joshua in the 10 commandments! To top it all, I had a sense of pride as if I was a stone cutter for the temple of solomon himself, I know, it sounds crazy, but its true.

    My point is that even if that wasn't your experience and isn't the experience of many half-awaken JWs, its is an absolute delight for many more.

    Where I have deep sympathy for some brothers/sisters, is that they invest a LARGE amount of time/life into construction projects and don't realize that they are taken advantage of. But for the majority of JWs, its a few weekends of fun and lots of pictures and videos to brag about later.

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