Is the door to door preaching work not the primary focus anymore?

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  • redvip2000
    Most JWs I know just love the carts. You get to "count time", you are "visible in the ministry", but rarely have to actually speak to anyone

    When I was still jdub we used to see a few sisters from another congregation who instead of door to door preaching would stand in the train station holding a Watchtower in their hand, waiting for someone to take one.

    We used to look down at them, and comment to ourselves that they were lazy, and didn't do the hard work of going door to door. Little did I know that years later, the entire Org would shift the model to exactly that -- standing around all day, except now you don't have need to hold a magazine in your hand.


    “The only thing the g.b. is on top of is begging for more money.”

    Don’t forget about K-Pop full body pillows..


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