Should I get babtized?

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  • pleaseresearch

    I joined this forum, just so I could reply to your post.

    What you do should be down to you, it's great to hear other peoples views. I made the mistake of getting baptized. I was raised a JW from my youth and was a good little JW boy haha. Good in the sense that I didn't educate myself on the Watchtowers past... I listened to the talks not to go on the internet, or speak to those who had left. I have now paid the price because I now know ttatt but I got baptized already.

    Me and my brother have no relationship sadly, while I'm technically still baptized, I don't believe for one minute this is Gods organisation, no way. So he won't have anything to do with me. My mum does have contact with me and my daughter. But I'm trapped, if I disassociate then I will lose her. So I'm living a lie, I'm technically a JW, but no way do I believe it.

    Your in a very tough position though, especially if your parents wont speak to you for not getting baptized. But if you do take the dunk and walk away in a few years, everyone, and I mean everyone will disappear from your life.

    By not getting baptized you could still see them, depending on how strict they are of course. I always say this, no parent should be pushing you to get baptized, always remember at what age did Jesus get baptized :)

  • ttdtt
    You may be accountable for sins - but you can't be disfellowshipped if your not baptized!
  • pile2222
    I have always been against child or teen baptizm. They always preach that one should wait till AFTER the "bloom of youth" to get married but they constantly push young ones to get baptized as young as possible! I never understood that!
  • WingCommander
    Hell to the NO!
  • BlackWolf
    Thank you everyone. :)

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