How to spot awake JW at a convention

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    It's almost impossible without outing yourself. I've had meet-ups with people from this board at conventions which was awesome. But, we had already been communicating here so its not like we were meeting for the first time.

    The programs are so long and boring, lots of good JWs end up doing other things, wandering around, leaving early, sleeping, that you really can't read into those behaviors.

    I wish there was a secret sign that a PIMO could use but most people are PIMO for a reason (too much to lose at the moment) so even if a sign was worked out, I'd be paranoid to actually use it.

  • javierjiminy

    I plan on having a name tag with the words PIMO when I go to my convention in September. When that date comes, I'm going to remind people who may come on this site or reddit that I'll be wearing that. If people ask, I'll simply say it means Pray Intently, Meditate Occasionally. If I happen to run into a fellow PIMO, the fellow PIMO should reply back with "Tight Pants Tony" or some other expression only those awakened would know.

  • scratchme1010
    I cant spot one to save my life, so i wanted to now if any one could me figure out how.

    My guess is that it might be the same way that they may have a hard time noticing you. I think the answer is in your own behavior and attitude.

    However, if for some reason you're looking to be friends, or having an active JW with whom you can really talk, I'm not sure that might work.

    First, there are people here who have been out of the JWs for decades and still behave like they just left this afternoon. Some people never let go even to their own detriment.

    Second, some people might be experiencing a crisis, and even though they might be awake, they might not be in a place where they can even talk about it, leave alone admitting it to another person. Remember, some people think that they are going to die because of waking up. That's no small thing.

    Third, a lot of the support that (in my humble opinion) we need is outside the WT and the congregation, and as away from the JWs as possible. You can get quality help and real education outside the congregation.

    Fourth, people change their minds. Some people wake up but it's too difficult for them to deal with it and rather convince themselves to stay, which means that they will tell on you as a way of reaffirming their commitment to that organization.

    Fifth, it's actually more on the fourth and first, I have encountered JWs and ex-JW people outside the JW setting (like in a company event, a bar, or a park where gay men go to have anonymous sex). Even under those circumstances they still didn't even want to acknowledge me (one of them was to busy to do so, anyway). The negative influence of that organization is very strong in many individuals.

    Sixth, a lot of people survive being in that organization by putting up a big show about themselves and who they really are (elders, anyone?). If you are still interested in spotting those people, you will have to start to get a lot closer to them, and if you are PIMO, will that be to your best interest?

  • eyeuse2badub

    How about just putting a tattoo on your forehead "ttatt" and looking for others with the same tattoo? Taht would leave no doubt!

    just saying!

  • Gayle

    My last convention, I felt like a spy in a foreign land. During the prayer, I looked around and was surprised how so many children were only goofing around (silently), including my children. Surprisingly, I caught several adults, wide-eyed looking around too.

  • Giordano

    At assemblies, when I was a teenager, I always checked out the sisters (age appropriate) who arrived late and left early. That was always a good sign.

    Making eye contact was helpful........ if it was returned I would follow up with a nod. Very seldom would a sister nod back but the ice was broken. That was tentative permission to approach after the meeting.

    Hi I'm Gio I'm from the 'where ever' Kingdon HaLL. Hi I'm Sally (mentions her KH). If things work out we don't have to go any further in declaring our bona fides.

    Sisters as always were very very aware about their friendships and potential boyfriends. A young brother one day....... a potential mate on another. A direct look with a small smile was the start.

    There were other things I looked for.

    A good suntan indicated leisure time spent at the beach or pool side not door to door activity.

    Of particular interest were sisters who had been on vacation and during a conversation about their vacation did not mention visiting a local KH. Attending an assembly while on a vacation was ok but not visiting a KH.

    What they wore was also a tip off. Modest clothing for sure but usually something added or subtracted that caught one's eye.

    When the conversation started I looked for anything that indicated an independent thinker, a sense of humor or a bit of mystery.

    In the Witness world back in the early sixties there were parties in the greater New York area. A lot of marriages resulted from those parties. You actually got to go out on a date without a group and get to know one another. Finding a good kisser was a good thing.

    A lot of those marriages lasted.

  • john.prestor

    God the very nature of this question is Orwellian...

  • Vidiot

    A lifetime in the Org makes one very experienced at maintaining pretense.

  • FedUpJW

    Pray Intently, Meditate Occasionally.

    I guess I would reply, "Pray intently, meditate often." Woouldn't raise any red flags in the asleep class.

  • Diogenesister

    If there is an unsecured wi-fi connection available and it's named it's a pretty good bet someone's awake there!

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