How to spot awake JW at a convention

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  • careful

    After I'd grown a beard and gone to an RC, I noticed a few people who were friendly to me by their facial expression. One young bro was an attendant 'guarding' some door during the sessions. Obviously he was freed from listening to the program. As I walked around taking a break from the talks, he made a point of smiling at me. Most people who saw me made a point of not looking at me directly. I suspect he was probably PIMO.

    So you could find some man with a beard and discreetly follow him around, watching for the few who smiled at him. Then you could drop a line to them like, 'I need a break from the talks. How do you like this guarding job?'

  • Wakanda

    Hey kid,

    It's almost done! Now it's time to find a way to celebrate making it through another con-vention. Hope you are doing o.k. and didn't raise any red flags.

  • sir82

    I guess one way is to watch and see if they are

    just looking round for much of the time, and paying

    little attention to what is being said from the platform.

    LOL - that's like 80% of the people there.

  • Vidiot
    sir82 - "...that's like 80% of the people there."

    * snort *

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Tooooo funny JJ, I LOVE it, haha!

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