Origin of Life

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  • Landy
    Landy I think you are right. I wonder how more rational christians would handle it. Evolution has been accepted by millions of christians but very few Muslims. Would the realisation that life can arise spontaneously from geochemistry be any more of a challenge?

    I honestly believe it would make little or no difference. People who believe in a god do it based on a faith. They have to as there's no evidence available to support their beliefs. As their faith mechanism has no basis in rationality to start with they would simply shrug their shoulders and carry on believing what they've always believed. The opium of the people does a great job of dulling the senses.

    Yes there will be exceptions and some would question their faith, but it wouldn't be on grand scale.

  • nicolaou
    Cofty: I wonder how more rational christians would handle [abiogenesis]?

    Who are these 'rational christians' you speak of Bill?

  • cofty

    I met one once. She is an atheist now of course.

  • Ruby456

    we need someone like slim. cofty needs challenging on the details he adds - I haven't challenged him at all on this thread leaving it to slim as I think the points slim and others made help us to see that there is a bigger world out there...and are just as important as any hypothesis that cofty currently favours.

    edit: In the ancient past if something was convincing - if an individual had the power to convince - then his take on reality was accepted as true. do we want to be convinced like this? if yes then at least keep an eye on the fictionality of what the person is saying like ancient audiences did.

    edit edit: btw this is not meant to be insulting to you cofty as I think you have amazing gifts in your ability to convince - hats of to you

  • cofty
    In the ancient past if something was convincing - if an individual had the power to convince - then his take on reality was accepted as true. do we want to be convinced like this? - Ruby

    No. A million times no!

    That is why I always present objective evidence. I make it clear when I am discussing a hypothesis or a well proven fact. I welcome challenges and corrections. Nobody should take anybody's word for anything. Check it out. Do the research.

    What is pernicious is when people like SBF twist what others have said and make it look as if they have refuted something when all they have done is attack a strawman.

    My OP was a very simple and reasonable conversation-opener. As usual SF saw it as an opportunity to hijack a thread to spout his usual vacuous, anti-scientific, self-indulgent, bullshit. Some of the most inane things ever written in the history of the forum were written by SBF in this thread. As usual you cheer him on from the peanut gallery.

  • Ruby456

    cofty - here is what he said to begin with

    This thread reminds me of the Kingdom Song that goes:
    Then they will know your ways are just and true
    Then they will know throughout the whole creation
    All you have purposed you will surely do
    JW believers and their atheist counterparts seem to share the same belief that at some point in the future their view of reality will be confirmed beyond doubt, once and for all. The evidence will be so overwhelming at Armageddon/following some scientific breakthrough, that their opponents will simply have to recognise the "truth" of the situation.
    It is a fantasy.

    the above is true of hardened neo atheists and jws but perhaps not of you. so don't take it personally. ontoh it is human nature to seek authenticity via being convincing - it is in our blood (so to speak) ( I love this phrase - )

  • cofty

    Thank you for highlighting the facile straw man with which SBF began his trashing of yet another thread

  • Ruby456

    as I said don't take it personally but simply acknowledge that what sbf describes does happen in the world out there. You don't fall into that category but thanks sbf anyway for reminding us because as we know we could

  • cofty

    Anybody is free to rant about anything on their own thread. They are not welcome to hijack thread after thread with facile postmodern bullshit and deliberately misrepresent what others say.

    SBF hates science. There is no such thing as a fact. We get it already!

  • John_Mann

    Viviane I was referring to the most recent common ancestor of humanity.

    The soul is what produces the sense of infinity in your mind. And the search for meaning, justice, beauty and so on. No other animal do that. So we can assume we have some extra in our animal minds.

    I know you're a positivist. I don't know if you're aware of that but you belongs to a failed French philosophy.

    Science could only be created in the Christian theology.

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