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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Allyson I'm sure that you have had to struggle already with your determination to assert your identity. You have found some comfort in the teachings of JWs and on top of that you have found them to be good company.

    For all the appearances of that religion they only want to convert people to their beliefs because that is their validation of being right in a world which disagrees with them.

    Most of us here were either born into JWs or became one and all of us here agree that their teachings and methods are wrong at best and hurtful even lethal at worst. (Their rule denying blood transfusions for example). Their promises sound appealing but are unattainable; paradise is a utopian dream.

    You will never find genuine appreciation or endorsement of your particular situation from JWs who are all screwed up by blind loyalty to their chosen group.

    I suggest for what it's worth that you re-think the company you are relying on for your validation and peace of mind.

    Instead; be yourself--you will never be allowed to do that if you become a JW.

  • allyson

    I think Jehovah and Jesus would be more compassionate towards trans woman than the organization on earth.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I'm sure they would if they really existed.

  • punkofnice
    ally - I think Jehovah and Jesus would be more compassionate towards trans woman than the organization on earth

    Then, you don't need to be part of a money loving corporation that poses as a religion. I'm sorry to tell you this but the watchtower business is just another destructive cult. The leaders will throw you under the bus.

    Keep talking to us. I for one, won't discriminate because of your sexuality. While you're not 'baptised' into the corporation, the JWs will 'love bomb' you because they can 'count time' on their report cards.

    Please, please, please, do as much research outside of the corporation's publications as you can.

    Like I said, you'll soon be back here to tell us how unloving that corporation is.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh....but....you know....tough love and all.

  • venus

    This is a blessing in disguise. A reason to come out of JW org (whether from you or from them) is good enough, something you will feel good about in the future.

  • closed

    Ally. I am far from telling you what you should do. I don't want to encourage or discourage you. Whatever the org is or whatever the people in it are, do what you want. You feel happy with them - good. You don't have to be baptised or a publisher to study, go to meetings or socialise. I know quite a few who come to meetings, mix with JWs but are Not formally members. Maybe it is an option for you. You have to decide though.

  • Onager

    Hi Allyson,

    The Witnesses that you are meeting and who are making you feel welcome are doing so because of Conditional Love. They love you on the condition that you do everything that the Organisation says, and act and think the same way as everyone else in the congregation.

    And even if you try and conform to their ways once it is known that you are Trans, the love will stop.

    When I was a JW there were two gay men in my congregation. One was a pioneer who tried to deny he was gay. He ended up having a nervous breakdown, leaving the JW's and going "ultra gay". But the few times I saw him in the street he looked tormented.

    The other chap was a study who tried to change himself to conform, then tried to be accepted as gay but still study but who was eventually driven out of the congregation by the passive aggression showed towards him.

    I know gay and trans are very different, but they're not to the JW's. They're "Wrong" in their eyes and will never be accepted or accommodated.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Hi Allyson, welcome. You're about to find out how unloving J.W. elders really are when they get you into their interrogation room.

    Sadly, most J.W.'s realise too late that they don't have to discuss their private lives with the elders - or anyone else for that matter. Quietly tell one of these wolves that you don't wish to discuss your private & personal situation with anyone at the moment. DO NOT SPEAK WITH 2 ELDERS AT THE SAME TIME! Politely inform him that you have done nothing which requires elders involvement.

    The elders reaction to your positive stance will prove that J.W.'s are cult-driven. Time for you to leave and be thankful you didn't get in deeper. Many here will envy you. Best wishes.

  • Done

    What will the elders say?

    Reverse the GRS? Or get out?

    Real curious how it will go down

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I'll tell you what happens: the elders will call the branch office. The branch office then tells them what's written in their official correspondence guidelines.

    It says you should dress and act as your biological gender. They leave no room to choose how you identify yourself.

    They don't care about your feelings. They are appalled by your 'mutilating' surgery.

    Sorry, but you're in for some heartbreaking...

    Quote official JW branch correspondence guidelines:

    If an individual considers undergoing a sex-change operation basically to bring the appearance of the sex organs into line with what the individuale emotionally and mentally feels himself or herself to be, that one should be advised to live in accord with the biological facts of the situation. (w97 6/15 18-19; w74 6/15 360) Mutilating the sex organs, such as having the male organ surgically removed and an artificial female organ created, does not change the facts or make the person into the opposite sex. Someone desiring to be baptized who has already undergone a mutilating operation of this sort (a transsexual) would be expected to take his or her place in life in accord with what the individual biologically is, not in accord with what the person has been mutilated to appear to be. This may even require that the person leave a “mate” to whom the person is “married,” since the mutilated one is actually (biologically) of the same sex as the “mate.”
    An individual who dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex, practicing transvestism, should be helped to see that this is Scripturally condemned and may be related to homosexuality. (Deut.22:5; Ps. 26:4) It is a moral problem for which strong counsel is definitely needed. If the acts of the individual take on a gross aspect because of being publicly displayed, this can be reason for disfellowshipping, since such conduct can be loose, brazen conduct.—Gal. 5:19; w739/15 5746.

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