Why Did JWs Abandon Brooklyn for the Sticks?

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  • Saethydd
    I recall several JW's discussing how "wise" it was to get out of a big city like New York before the "great tribulation."
  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I find it hard to critcise the pullout from Brooklyn. The presence in the city had some justification with the printing factories, supporting personnel, and shipping proximity. But that need has evaporated in the internet age, so cashing out and moving seems like a good business decision to me.

  • pepperheart

    They needed the money

  • respectful_observer
    What I really don't get is why they didn't just build the new complex at Patterson OR Wallkill which both have a ton of space for all that.
    Link Dislike LikeI've wondered the same thing. I actually raised the question to several family members who have lived at the various US Bethels. Each time, they look back with a puzzled look on their faces which then quickly shifts to a dismissive look. They typically respond with something along the lines of: "I don't understand your question. Obviously they had good reasons for needing a separate location."

    On a side note, I don't think it's THE motivating reason, but I find it curious that now ALL THREE US Bethel campuses are in areas where there is next to zero cell signal coverage. (Come on, how many places within 1 hour of NYC don't have full coverage these days??) As a result, hot spotting on your phone, or surfing the web on your phone is next to impossible unless you're on the (heavily filtered WT WIFI). It's a great side benefit knowing those young brothers can look at naughty things online or surf apostate sites.
  • smiddy3

    I think it`s all about the dollars $$$$$ ,look at all the prime real estate that they are getting big bucks for in N.Y.S.

    over a Billion Dollars at last count.

    Where is all that money going ? they are selling off Branches around the world

    They are selling off and merging KH`s around the world .

    They are selling off and merging Convention/Assembly halls around the world

    They are cutting down printing operations and selling off printing equipment around the world reducing printing products no new hardbound books ,no calendars , no yearbooks , reducing Watchtower and Awake publications drastically ,

    Mimicking Christendoms religions in installing TV`s in existing KH`s opening up their own brand of TV Evangelizing with JW.org ,adding credit card contributions at Conventions and Assembly`s that they once criticized Christendom for and always ,always begging for more money to keep the work going.

    Something that Charles Taze Russell the Founder of the I.B.S.A. the forerunner of Jehovah`s Witnesses said he would never do .

    And they even want the pocket money parents give to children of JW`s as depicted in the Sophie /Caleb videos.

  • Vidiot

    C'mon, people, it's Brooklyn...

    ...can you really blame 'em? :smirk:

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