Why Did JWs Abandon Brooklyn for the Sticks?

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  • The Nebuchadnezzar
    The Nebuchadnezzar
    In my view it could be the "Kansas City Shuffle"- make you look right but instead go left. Like setting up chess pieces using an unremarkable move by moving a pawn piece to the centre of the board and that becomes the most important piece of the end game. Dont be surprised if a new light comes out to justify this move to change headquarters. They probably missed the opportunity at the height of the 2007-8 property Bubble. Wouldnt want to miss on this opportunity now would you- specially with the Donald in charge now? its also a bit silly to assume that God cannot perform certain heroic actions like building a shield around you and your property because you are too close to those who will receive the mighty hand of destruction at Harmageddon- its silly- now God has limitations, supposedly. If he can split a Sea in two and protect the Isrealites why cant he do things beyond our imagination? it would seem the Avengers are more powerful than God if that were the case, and its probably what they think. very loopholed reasoning.
  • Vidiot

    Barrold Bonds - "...What I really don't get is why they didn't just build the new complex at Patterson OR Wallkill which both have a ton of space for all that."

    Those sites would require extensive renos.

    The Warwick compound, on the other hand, could be designed and tailored from scratch to far better meet their future needs.

    Plus, it has a lake.

  • Vidiot

    In addition, consolidating and moving everything to a semi-rural location is also SOP for a high-control group that feels increasingly under siege.

    Expect Walkill and Patterson to be sold off within the next decade.

  • Finkelstein

    Another reason is that the WTS has been identified as a commercialized fraud by father time for all of its end of the world doctrines, throughout the 20th century and even into the 19th century.

    This organization wants to sustain itself by the people who live off the organization as it avails both money and power.

    All the properties owned by the WTS in Brooklyn have accumulated into a huge gold pot of cash estimated to be over a billion and half US $$$

  • Pistoff

    This one is easy.

    Brother Tony Morris apparently gets excited when he sees men or women in tight pants, and walking around Brooklyn Heights was just too much for him.

    Hopefully he is not turned on by cows.

  • Vidiot

    Pistoff - "...Tony Morris apparently gets excited when he sees men or women in tight pants, and walking around Brooklyn Heights was just too much for him..."

    * snort *

    Imagine if Morris left the lakeside compound, drove to downtown Warwick, and everyone there was wearing tight pants (or spanx) and brightly colored socks, and eating hot dogs.

    His head would go kablooie like that poor f**ker in Scanners.


  • careful
    As others have said, money was obviously a factor—leaving the city has been a real money maker for them. Likely another factor was the success (in their eyes) of Wallkill and Patterson. So why not finish the NYC exodus?
  • Vidiot

    As far as I'm concerned, they can't consolidate to Warwick fast enough.

    The more a group withdraws from an urban presence, the cultier it gets.

    The cultier it gets, the more sensible people will leave.

    The more sensible people that leave, to kookier the remaining ones get.

    The kookier they get, the more fringy and extremist the Org becomes.

    The more fringy and extremist the Org becomes, the more it dooms itself.

  • new boy
    new boy

    I think since the now have to pay $4,000 a DAY in fines for withholding the names of known pedophiles in their organization they need the money for sure!

  • slimboyfat

    Do they need to pay that now the case has been settled?

    It works out just under $1 each publisher per year for JWs in the United States.

    There are other good reasons for concluding Watchtower is fast running out of money.

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