Lots of empty seats at Jehovah's Witnesses Convention in Tucson, Arizona

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  • JWTom

    TD: Related to why is the Tucson Assembly Hall not being used for Regional Conventions this year and why were they paying for the Civic Center in Tucson?

    I know some people in the area and the answer to that was that the Tucson Assembly Hall is already being used 100% on weekends for Circuit Assemblies and Regional Conventions. There were no more open weekends so they had to rent a space to fill the gap. Possibly in the future they will simply consolidate more congregations into the planned Regional Conventions so they can abandon renting facilities in the future.

    Great into in this thread. As this cult continues to shrink I believe anything is possible as they try to keep the scam running. Considering the poor Regional Convention numbers....at some point it seems like a sale of all real estate is inevitable and then a move to only online meetings/conventions. My question is how fast will that happen.....the process of selling and consolidating congregations/branch offices has been going on for a couple decades now. It has been picking up speed in recent years.

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