The King of the North has now entered into the 'land of decoration' (the Spiritual Estate of Jehovah's People) - Annual Meeting

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  • Phizzy

    This is just so silly. To take any notice of The Book of Daniel which is simply a Political Tract for its time, (circa 164 B.C.E, not earlier like it pretends) and aimed at Antiochus Epiphanes 1V. is frankly childish.

    To make this in to a prophecy about 21st century JW Org is arrogant as well as incredibly stupid.

    Why are they not warning their followers to "watch out for the Ships of Kittim" and to beware of " Egypt" and look out for those "Ethiopians at their steps ?"

    Is the rest of the " prophesy" to have no fulfillment ?

  • Tenacious

    If Russia happens to give their cherished properties back then it can be said that "Jehovah's hand" reached for that Visine.

    Seriously stupid talk. Seriously mind conditioned people.

    These talks are classic psychological manipulation.

    You build up, up, and then you lower the hammer. Boom!!

    Then you start the comfort phase. The parent to child love phase. Then you close it out by leaving doubts.

    So they accomplished to tell their audience "God is knocking loudly now. God is coming! God is coming! He's around the corner! God will not harm you so long as you do as we please. Thank you for coming suckers.

    What a sad way to live.

  • sir82

    Zechariah 2:8, in the upcoming 2020 New New New World Translation:

    For this is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘Following after [the] glory he has sent me to the nations that were

    despoiling YOU people; for he that is touching YOU taking away your real estate holdings is touching my eyeball.
  • Gorbatchov

    Sanderson took the first flight out of Russia after the judge spoke his final words.


  • sir82

    Sanderson took the first flight out of Russia after the judge spoke his final words.


    First class, no doubt.

    Remember the JW broadcasting thing about how Jehovah "miraculously" provided that flight for him & his entourage? As if making a phone call to a travel agent were somehow the province of "holy spirit in action".

    Funny how Jehovah cares so well for Sanderson but throws the 175,000 other JWs in Russia under the bus.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS will try and spin things for their own validation and quite often use bible scripture as a support base.

    The truthful reality its all emotively contrived bullshit

  • john.prestor

    Yeah, it sure is interesting how Sanderson and his buddies tell Russian JWs to endure persecution and keep preaching and meeting and what not, but as soon as they might throw him in jail... goodbye Russia.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    john.prestor ...a Siter I knew a few years back told me she intended to hide her Bible in a bag of peas in her freezer,...

    That's just crazy. Bags of peas are the first things they look for.

  • smiddy3

    The average R&F Jehovah`s Witness has no idea what he or she believes in anymore ,the Doctrines if you can call them that keep changing so much so often ,I bet even Jehovah can`t keep up with them anymore , and Jesus ? he just keeps scratching his head with a bewildered look on his face .

  • Malachi Elijah
    Malachi Elijah

    Is harlot killed before 144,000 are killed. No. Killing the true temple, the 144,000 stones by the harlot who causes it because Judas Bethelite goes to her is what brings armies to the harlot. The armies around Jesus killed him. The armies around Jerusalem for killing Jesus were there to force peace. The Jews chose to fight to death. They killed 100s of Roman soldiers before the armies killed back to wipe them out. So too the harlot refuses forced peace and fights until she is dead. BuUt the war started because they got the armies to kill the temple in New York. Jesus knew it stupid to tell it all to the 12 apostles and Jesus still knows it stupid to tell it to 8 men who are ruling the remnant against Bible orders. Appointed to feed is not appointed to rule. And warning of FWB (friends who fukk) ten years after your 10 year old is now 20 is not feeding at proper time. Jehovah punishing David would not have prevented a Jesus being born, and the 144,000 are not hurt by the deaths of the 8-GB where like Judas hopes he has no millstone at the bottom of the sea, these 8 men will hope Earth is a catch-basket. There is no way Tony would be brought to heaven to come with the others where he can think himself Samson and cut off 300 million foreskins to tight pants that he's been looking at. What's he gonna do from heaven when he sees all JWs having approved sex naked. Vietnam PTSD, stresses emphasis on his presence in blood and bodies instead of presence in the kink sex

    The temple destroyed by Romans means nothing. The temple that was destroyed was 3-day killed dead Jesus, and it was caused by the harlot, the churches, the religions. That resulted in Paul going to Rome whose court case converted Caesar's family not Caesar. Caesar hated this new Christian family conversion and instead went to Jews to force PEACE. Jews attacked and killed many Roman soldiers until Cesar said fine kill all the Jews. So it was not in his heart to kill them as a religion, but in their religious Jewish heart to fight to death. Same with the UN forcing peace with religion, but religion does not want it and rapidly fights to its death. But it begins with Christendom causes the death of the remnant if they all come to New York. Just as Jesus came like a king on a donkey to Jerusalem to end up dead from doing this. Do you not know that Jesus turned tables 30AD Nisan 10 and did it again 33AD Nisan 10? It was a repeat offense that he escaped the first time. So too, the WT was not exonerated from prison, they had to change wording texting in that book and if they release that book with the words restored, they defy and get charged again.

    Jehovah's temple or land of decoration is not a Branch office in Russia.

    The land of Decoration is a global British 1914 license for IBSA the 144,000. It does not include a Russian branch office which is comparable to claiming Jesus will die in a Nazareth synagogue instead of at the temple. USA New York is British protected land by 1763 proclamation of religion as a gift from God when Britain regarded 1763 as a miracle from God and was 2300 years of dead Daniel "going his way".

    Land Of Decoration. The 144,000 stoned of the temple are fed by the WT. But That is like saying mother Mary feeds Jesus. Do we listen to Mary, no, and therefore same with WT. The tower is not the temple, and the tower has no permission to rule the temple. Understand that leaving WT does not end salvation, leaving the 144,000 direction does. Final point, the land of decoration is Britain, because Jah bought the 144,000 license in 1914 and since 1763 freedom to have this temple has been in Britan's New York, and only New York. New York was the gift from God given to Britain in 1763 because Britain thought the miracle of 1763 was from God and the Dutch gave America's New Amsterdam to them. Thus the armies in the land of Decoration will be at the New York branch not any Russian branch. The deception is Satan's just as Judas and even Peter were deceived to distract Jesus from dying in Jerusalem, all the last of the remnant MUST die in New York and only by Satan's hands. Even the enemy within, or the Judas, though included it does not mean Judas directly kill Jesus. The death of the 144,000 MUST NOT occur from within as if some Bethelite plans a suicide for them. The Judas within goes OUT to you, to churches, to armies, who come and kill the whole compound with only the remnant there. To do this every penny of WT money must be spent on passport and Visa to get them there. This money that all will be enraged as spent will be the PERFUME ON THE FEET which regarded as wasted will be despised and roll the ball into claiming these true 144,000 are endanger by WT when in fact the armies come and it becomes a WACO without any weapons that WT has, nor suicide, etc. Yes i would say that to prove the world as insane and hateful that serving a "clean" grape-Kool-Aid would trigger the same rotten-world reaction as all rotten -JWs also have,to immediately tell everyone the Kool-Aid is obviously poisoned. However, the saints have saved the world if the armies kill them, because with an asteroid date the world will make you stay home, and only angels themselves could appear 40 days saying Behold we are alive, they have not killed us, get to the mountains during these 40 days for the day we leave, the asteroid is true, it will strike. Salvation is by mass evacuation. Jehovah is not hand-picking the great crowd as if kingdom hall people are good.

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